Yeah! How ya like them apples? This moronic variant is no moron. YOU ARE!

It’s spreading like wild fire all over Europe, boys. Would ya believe it?!

3 more shots! 2 more weeks to flatten the curve! 1 more lockdown, before we go back to normal!

Uh oh. Shit may get even worse.

Someone needs to shut this boomer up, right now! The next thing they’ll push is eternal boosters. Oh, wait. They’re already doing that.

Anyway, what I mean is — this shit will never stop!

South Africans say “it” is extremely mild. Well, they aren’t vaxxed with Jew mRNA shit. I guess the vaxxcucked labrats with their destroyed immune systems are in for more booster now. It will be funny watching them die from a literal cold.

The patent to this “virus!” is owned by the Rothschilds, but that doesn’t make much difference. I promise.

Don’t worry, this is all just a dumb kook, conspiracy theory.

Here are some things to think about:

Does “corona” exist?
What is the flu?
Why is the flu “gone”?
Does “corona” have the same symptoms like the flu?
Does “corona” disappear in April as the flu?
Does corona” reappear when it gets colder just like the flu?
Has the flu disappeared?
Has the flu really disappeared?
Has “corona” been scientifically isolated and proven to cause the “new disease”?
Can a PCR test figure out if you are sick or not?

When do we start with the Hebrew alphabet?