It’s happening again. We’re now back in January 2020. No one knows exactly how “infectious” it is, yet, but there has been at least 900 new cases in South Africa and is “spreading rapidly”. Oh, it is vaccine resistant, too.

I can’t stop laughing at how elaborate this hoax is becoming. Africa is now what Italy was back in 2020, when this entire scamdemic began.

I am going to provide a daily reminder to everyone, that OMICRON does not exist; it is just the establishment prepping the general public for this winter’s die-off of the vaxtards.

It’s been amply demonstrated that the immune systems of the double-vaxxed are no longer functional, and when they all drop dead from not being able to fight off a common cold or flu (AIDS), the establishment will blame it all on OMICRON, rather than the death vax.

This is exactly the same as the short-lived “Delta Variant”, which was touted earlier in the year, as many people died from myocarditis and other short-term vaccine injuries.

This is why the establishment has been so desperate to vax as many people as possible — because when all the vaxxies start dropping dead from “muh OMICRON” and all the purebloods are totally unaffected by this supposed “deadly variant”, it will be painfully obvious as to what actually caused their deaths.

In the meantime, we should pay attention to what’s going on as a result of this bullshit scare.

Don’t get this fucked up, folks. I told you people what this is all about — a Jewish, Bolshevik, Communist takeover and plan to collapse world economies.

Don’t worry, the US borders to to the south of California, Arizona and Texas, will remain opened. You’ll still get your diversity enrichments.

I know what you guys are thinking: “Damn these OMICRON niggas ain’t playin’!”

Meanwhile, South Africa is downplaying it. Well, that’s because they know this hoax is going to cripple their economy in an unprecedented way.

Here’s Dr. John Campbell to tell us how severe this new hoax variant is:

Oh, shut it! (British accent).

I just don’t care, neither should you, because… I know… I KNOW!!! It’s just that I’m gonna turn my TV off, is all.

There’s nothing.

It’s nothing.

It’s propaganda. You should now, be more fearful of every piece of propaganda that these hoaxers push on us, than any “variant”.

The yearly flu has every year, a “variant”, and prior to 2020, you never thought about any of it.

It was not present in your mind. Ever! Except now, because of the propaganda, you worry about it, because the media has penetrated your minds.

It’s just a way for the media and the Communist politicians to persist in their narrative (and hide their mistakes and their failures and their crimes) and to make you take a 3rd shot and a 4th, through their fear tactics in order to fulfill their culling.

Of all places, you readers of this blog, should be the least susceptible to these kinds of tactics.

Nonetheless, COVID-21 is here and it may have small pox, monkey pox and AIDS symptoms. I feel terrible for those who gorged on the mRNA-flavored vaxx.


Hopefully, other people will just stop listening, the more the media perpetuates the same tactics as it did before. It’s retarded how willing the media outlets are to continue to erode public trust in their credibility, but this is clown world — anything goes.

Anyway, we can all rest assured in knowing that this shit’s never going to end.