Yes, as I reported in a previous article, South Africa is reporting that the moronic strain, OMICRON, is nothing, but a storm in a tea cup.

Yes, yes. This is true. They are not wrong, but commonsense should tell you to go one step further — it is all bullshit!

There is no virus. There is “the virus!” that has the entire planet behaving like jackasses, though.

All of it amounts to fearmongering and sheepish stupidity and insanity. Things are going as planned.

You gotta give these Communists some credit, man. They truly are persistent and they come up with the most evil and elaborate schemes to enslave us all. The underlying red pill about all of this is still The Feminine, but I’ll back off on that, for now, because it is the red pill of all red pills that many are totally unable to accept and handle, even though their incapacity to face it, renders them all doomed.

Nevertheless, the storm brews.

It seems like people still don’t get and they probably never will. Maybe they will when they learn that there are vaccines in crops and manufactured foods.

Even then, they still may not get it.

Anyway, folks. OMICRON is nothing to fear. What we should fear is the propaganda and the reactions to it — 6,000,000 masks, more lockdowns and more vaxing and vexing.

The time has come for bitter things.