Let’s put all humor and jokes aside, for a moment. Let’s take things seriously. It is officially happening NOW.

They’ve named the new fake variant – the Omicron!

Ominous name!

Travel ban!

Racist leader Joe Biden bans entry of the dreaded spook menace!

They’re saying it’s already in Europe as I’ve just reported in an earlier article.

Stock market collapse!

Over the next days and weeks, they will say it is everywhere, and they will shut everything down, and start implementing hardcore Australian style measures!

This is all going to happen exactly as I said it would happen – I’m not a wizard! I don’t have a crystal ball!

I explained every single conclusion I drew! I showed my work! I explained that it was going to happen, because nothing else could happen!

Why did you think that the Biden people didn’t care about having the lowest approval ratings ever in history? Why did you think they kept doubling down on all these things people hate?

Because they knew it wouldn’t matter!

They knew a fake variant of the fake virus would be introduced, and they could then lock it down full-on – Australia style!

If you’re locked down Australia style, it doesn’t matter what the peasants think of you! You can do whatever you want, because the people are not even allowed to leave their houses! What are they going to do?

They can’t riot, anyway. They’ll all have heart attacks from that fake vaccine they took!


It’s here!

The DOOM is here!

The Jews and their hajis are hyping it to the max!

I hate these faggots! Why is this guy in my country?


Look at this faggot in Australia!

What is Australia going to do?

Go full Double-Australia???


Yes, they will do that!


I just want to say that they chose a very ominous sounding Greek letter for this one!

I hope everyone is happy with the decisions they’ve made.

You’re going to see a very rapid series of events unfolding, very quickly.

Rapidly AND quickly, the events shall unfold.