Lord Fauci, the total master of ultimate reality, has told the sickening peasant filth who follow his insane delusions to take this new stupid fake virus very seriously.

The vile wop goblin has declared that this new virus is a SUPER MUTANT that is going to attack the human species and destroy it completely. He says it will bypass the vaccine, and it is spreading across the world quickly.

Fauci, who is a very accomplished liar and scam artist – in fact, the single most accomplished liar and scam artist who has ever lived on the human earth realm – said that he doesn’t want people to panic. That was his preface, before ordering the plebs to panic and go into a total mania.

He says everyone needs to take more and more vaccines, even though the new virus will bypass them. He says everyone needs to take boosters upon boosters, because the original vaccine doesn’t really work at all.

He says that the hell of death will break through in two weeks.

The nigger Democrat interviewing him said that we’ve entered a dangerous new plane of human existence.

This is it!

This is what I told you!

They’re going into full and total manic rollout mode!

No one has any evidence of this variant, just like no one has any evidence of a pandemic in the first place, but they have such a lockdown on the media that they can just roll this stuff out on cue!

And believe me, this is the rollout!

It’s rolling out and it is going to roll straight over you!

Concentration camps already in Australia!

They’re hauling people off to them!

And FEMA camps exactly like those Australian camps already exist in America!

I sure hope you people listened to me and moved to a rural area or a small town where people are unvaxed and have a whole shitload of LONG GUNS!

This is it!

Whatever decisions you made over the last year are decisions that you’re going to have to live with now!

I hope they were good decisions!