Literally, everything that is happening in relation to Omicron is an effort to keep the covid scam alive. An effort to keep us on our toes and in constant fear.

Again, there is no virus. There is only “the virus!” That has every human being on planet earth going bonkers and behaving like total morons.

Remember, this is all “habbening”, because some AIDS infected African’s immune system wasn’t strong enough to kill off the common cold.

The truth is, the Pfizer vaccine causes AIDS. This had been confirmed several times, by many researchers and scientists. Congratulations vaxtards. You’ve trained your immune system to attack itself.

Omicron has made it to NSW.

Even the evil Sanhedrin is locking down its borders even though all evidence and research shows that “the virus,!” and “muh vax” have no effect on Ashkenazi genetics.

As everyone knows – particularly people who read this website – Israel does everything a couple months, or, a couple weeks, or, a couple days before everyone else.

Everyone is going to close their borders.

Two More Weeks!

Everyone on Twitter is already calling for a total shutdown on international travel, despite the reports from South Africaabout the Omicron being a nothing burger.

In America, they’re going to shut down travel between states, and it is very likely that they are going to lock you in cities.

I’m not going to keep saying “this is the thing I told you was going to happen – I literally told you they were going to introduce a new variant for the winter months which would allow them to implement brutal new measures.”

I’m sick of saying that.

If some retards who read this website didn’t take what I said seriously, then they are going to get their punishment.

I don’t have to rub it in.

Furthermore, I just want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Israel literally hires Russian models to pose as IDF sluts in order to make people develop positive emotions about Israel’s murder machine.

These are not real IDF soldiers and they’re not even real Jews.