We’re still facing back-to-back coverage of the OMICRON SUPER MUTANT.

It’s full up, it’s full on.

I’ve already spent a year telling you everything that was going to happen, so covering the things that are happening is boring and stupid and it’s gay and I hate it.

But yeah, they’re saying it’s more transmissible, more infectious, and it’s covering the earth. They’re implementing travel bans and telling people they have to take more and more vaccines.

You’re in the “fear hype” stage.

They’re going to just keep spamming you, continually, in order to drum up fear in those that they already know respond to this kind of thing. They are doing minor impositions – international travel bans don’t affect many people.

When the fear is at a significant level, then they will really start imposing on you.

They’re going to impose hard. Very, very hard.

There is nothing stopping them from doing it – you already surrendered 9 of your 10 Bill of Rights rights, so it’s literally just about making sure you don’t rise up as a peasant mob.

Yet, so many people are already vaxed. And anyone who would lead a peasant mob is already controlled by the feds. So, along with nothing restricting their behavior, they don’t have any risk really, at all.

They’re going to do what they’re going to do and there is nothing you can do about it.

As I’ve said from the beginning, there is one thing you can do about it: you can stay out of their way.

That means either being in Florida or being in a small town or rural area in a red state.

They are going to close air travel first, then they will tell you you can’t cross state lines. Then they are going to lock down some cities. Probably not all of the cities, but they will lock down the big blue cities.

At this point, wherever you are, this is what you need to remember, above all else:

Do not let them take you alive.

I’m not going to elaborate on that and I don’t need to.

You do not want to go to one of their facilities.

Dying is whatever. Everyone dies, and if you’re afraid of death then you are way behind the curve here, like a little bitty baby. We’ve been dead for billions of years long before we existed. Yes, you’re dead longer than your alive. The entire physical world is simply a construct of consciousness anyway.

Don’t worry about death. Just make sure your blood is pure, make sure you did your best every time, and if you didn’t do your best, make sure you made up for it and then just accept that when you’re dead, it doesn’t really matter when you died.

Here’s the thing: there are things a whole lot worse than death, and those are the kinds of things that are going to happen to you if you let them take you alive.

They are going to bring in trannies to torture you.

They’re also going to do genetic engineering experiments on you.

So, if they come, understand that unless you can get into the woods and disappear, you’re not going to get away. They are going to take you in and they’re not going to let you out.

200 pushups everyday and be ready.

This is real life and they are coming for you.