Well, this is certainly good news. I hope he wins. Of course, this is the first of many lawsuits to come, but I hope he wins them all.

The only thing good about the Rittenhouse case was reinforcing the right to defend oneself and the fact that he is going to become a multimillionaire. Other than that, the kid can off himself for all I care. He supports BLM.

The kid is retarded. He supports “the right to peaceful protest”, but supports BLM. That’s like saying, he supports gay rights and children should have a right to choose their genders.

Someone is obviously putting him up to this shit and telling him what to say, in order to milk the entire political landscape for what it’s worth and I’m not entirely against that. Go for it pal! While clown world exists, you might as well get rich off of it.

Nonetheless, there is a deep seated, tradcon, mangina, COPAGANDA retardation that this kid and many other white males suffer from, which is all geared towards garnering female attention and validation.

These types of personalities aspire to become cops — the teeth of the state — our oppressors.