If you’re like me and you’re still waking up every morning, going, “what the fuck is going on with the world?”, then, you’re at the point where you just want to be disappointed, just a little bit. You don’t want to be right about any of this and wished things weren’t taking a turn for the worst, every chance they got.

I predicted this would happen.

Bosters every 3 months used to be a joke. At this point, even the most brainwashed normies should realize that this “vaccine” is useless, at best. Likewise, a “new variant” with so many scary mutations, suddenly appearing days before winter; everyone should realize it’s either fake or man-made. It was never a joke. There was something out there saying that every 3 months was their plan this whole time

*Man! Why did they skip the letter Nu? It would have been dubbed the “Nu Variant” and would have given the opportunity to listen to this song by Nu Shooz*

I am shocked. I know someone who already boosted and is excited for the Omicron dose. She can’t wait!

I think at this point, if you don’t have a horrible feeling about all of this, you just don’t have the animal panic part of your brain, hence, you’re an NPC. It should feel weird to take 4 shots in less than a year to produce a vaccination effect that doesn’t immunize. 4 shots a year to maybe have reduced symptoms? And apparently the shot is a doozy.

“Still, I can’t wait!”

COVID has proven the NPC meme. Empty vessels, lacking inner monologue, or, whatever descriptor one might want to use.

Most of you readers out there are of the optimist lot. You think that all of this is just part of the controlled demolition. That TPTB know what they’re doing — they know eventually people will chimp out — they know what they’re currently proposing cannot and will not work; it is why everything being implemented always has weird ambiguities and vagueness to it all.

You see it as just the same time wasting bullshit designed to push society into complete destruction, then they swoop in and create order out of chaos. You’re not wrong. It is exactly how things work. It’s just that I know that within all of this, they can’t be successful without the contributions and cooperation of the retards.

The elves are trying to kill the earth’s population off before the economic collapse.

This decade will mark the transition to a new digital and automated age where CBDCs are rolled out to complement the introduction of social credit scores for every citizen.

Believe it, or not, but Central banks appear to be backed into a corner within the current state of monetary policy. The truth is, central banks could not be any happier than they are right now, because nothing makes a central bank happier than being called on inflating and inflating and inflating with new debt. They keep interest rates low and hyperinflation is a very real threat — they increase interest rates and everyone goes broke, overnight. Don’t be naive and assume they’re not in control, they know exactly what they’re doing.

I genuinely believe what is being done at the moment is that they are buying time while they continue to setup the infrastructure for CBDCs.

We will see the banking sector completely overhauled in the very near future. Instead of going through retail banks like we do now, we’re going to go directly to the central bank and each of us will have an account with the central bank.

Cash will be phased out. CBDCs will track and monitor all of your spending activity. You will be punished if your spending exceeds the verified emissions threshold for climate change.

This sounds funny and insane to you? Well, you still haven’t figured out how all of this works — it is governed and managed insanity.

The WEF has a project specifically for COVID-19, and they have an estimated “project completion” date of 2025. This is likely their timeline to implement their transition to universal digital IDs for every citizen. This, along with the release of CBDCs is crucial for the next crisis which will be climate change. Climate change will just be a natural extension of what we’re subjected to now, where there’s no room for a debate, because “the science is settled” and to defy the science is to become an enemy of the state.

This is the final precipice; the final fight for humanity. Either they go full psycho and force “vaccinations” and boosters, or they ease off of it. So far, it seems like the Omicron is coinciding with their upswing in the JAB OR DEATH rhetoric and they are leaning towards forced “vacccinations”.

If we look to Europe and Australia, at the moment, as examples; Canada, too, at the moment, reporters are demanding forced vax, but the politicians in Ontario are saying, “no thats crazy! We’re not doing that”. Yet they also said that about vaccine mandates and then implemented them.

They also said, “2 weeks to flatten the curve”, yet here we are.

Governments are not to be trusted and they change their stances and rhetoric on a dime to prevent backlash. What’s worse is that they double and triple down when they’ve been found out and exposed to have been wrong and cause grave errors.

Very scary times!