These are the headlines from all over the internet.

It is rumored that the shooter is black.

Some may refer to this as “based”; that niggers are purifying the earth of the most cringe retards on the planet; put an end to the whytoids and end the cringe, but hold the phone a minute.

Couldn’t the same be said for whites meting out violence on blacks; that they are ridding the world of niggardry?

I don’t know and I can’t really say that I care, either way, too much, but I am certainly interested in how the media is going to use this. Either, they will memoryhole it just like they did with the Nigger who drove through a crowd of whites, mowing down and killing 6, or, they will use it to further cause a divide among the races of people.

Maybe I shouldn’t say that I don’t care. It’s just that I’m fed up. It is all so tiresome and I have had enough. Truly.

I am fully aware of The Great Replacement, that whites are totally under attack on a global scale by every single facet of society, every single institution and most of all, by whites themselves (particularly white women and white manginas). Yet, I’m fed up of it, because the white collective does not seem to care and the ones who do and are conducting the awareness movement are completely fucking retarded and fail to take personal responsibility. There is absolutely no self reflection, nor, critical thinking. Their associative horizons are totally and abysmally shot.

So, I’m done.

I know the media is going to use this as window dressing, to cover up the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and the Omicron vax rollout. They are going to say that it is the fault of whites that this happened.


All prayers out for Oxford high school and to all my classmates #prayers #prayersneeded #oxfordhighschool #fyp #fypシ #capcut

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“He says ‘bro’. It’s a nigger!”

The way he said the word “bro” with a little ooga booga finesse on it, and his inability to defer gratification, gave the ape away.

They say “bruh”, “breh” and the ones in London say, “bruv”.

The monkey brain has a serious problem with diction, pronunciation and verb tenses.

“Open the door and see my badge brEh!”

I’ll keep you guys updated on the situation at Tyrone High.