So, the Oxford school shooter is white and not a nig nog. Or, so we’re being told.

If it was a robbery/assault/drugs – it would be 100% a nigger. School shootings are mostly done by whites, but school shootings compared to nig noggery is very very rare!

The reality is, if whites chimp out – they will do it hard. It isn’t a coincidence that both world wars started in Europe.

There is a lot to unpack, here, with regards to this shooting and all the other school shootings in the past.

First off, it could be just another psyop to go after guns. We know for a fact that whites in America own most of the guns in all the world and whites are under attack and in order to finally put them in the ground, their guns need to be taken away.

As I have explained before, the FBI are involved in all of these psyops to fulfill a political agenda, so many of these false flags will occur. With the help of the media, the legislators behind the efforts to ban guns are trying to get what they want — gun seizure

Secondly, this is a case of the young white male’s dilemma. A feminized and marginalized pariah. Young white males are being raised by single mothers — a literal snowflake factory and producer of faggots, murderers, rapists (see prison population), emasculated and feminized men, who are being weeded out by natural selection — the male dominance hierarchy. If they are raised by both parents, it is a matriarchal/gynopic family setting, where the father is a hen pecked, head-nodding male who believes being “a real man” is being obeisant and subservient to women. In other words, the father himself bears the values and point of views of a woman.

In addition, in the latter setting, the father sees his son as competition for the attention and validation of the mother and other women in proximity. The father’s idea and ideals of masculinity are superimposed on the boy and not taught by show of example, but as a measuring stick by which he uses to castigate and ridicule the son. The boy does not have a father, but a competing peer (some may say a bully). The home is thus a male dominance hierarchy, instead of nest and training ground.

When the boy goes out into public — at school — and is met with the same elements as he does at home, he becomes resentful, for there is no adjustment, or grace period — no room for trial and error and his father, who ought to be his teacher, demonstrates the same aggression towards him as his peers do, all in the name of garnering female attention and validation.

The mere fact that the boy encounters the same outside of the home, reinforces the father’s unfatherly, peer-like behavior towards the boy. To be fair, the father, like most men, may understand that his hands are tied and that the power of the gynocentric state will come down on him were he to exhibit masculine traits that oppose the matriarchal tyranny. The father, too, may have to tow the line, or be made example of by being accused of abuse, or a sexual molestation. Either way, he is a hen pecked male.

Majority of men out there believe having a daughter (preferably daughters) makes them masculine. It is by having a daughter, they believe their true worth and potentials can be realized; that their “real masculinity” and motivations are tapped into. Due to this delusion, many young boys are neglected and ill-treated by their fathers — gynocentric, pussy-begging lapdog, mangina men who cannot let go of their mommies. To them, raising a boy does not give them the fulfillment they seek; it does not fill the void in them that requires female validation and attention — things they should have gotten from their mommies. Instead, what these men received from their mothers was a lesson in “how to treat women” — gynocentrism — Female worship. As many of us know, women are creatures that are never appreciative, nor is their appetite for anything ever satiated. This is the reality that all men face — nothing is ever enough.

So, the young white male has absolutely no one to turn to, but the Jewish lamestream media, internet and social media outlets that are telling him that he and others like him are responsible for all the world’s ills. It is reinforced in him that something is inalienably flawed in him and the same gynocentric values pushed on him by his idiot, gynocentric, tradcon, white knight father, is pushed by these outlets, furthermore reinforcing that he is an undesired, outcast.

The funny and ironic thing about these moronic tradcon types, is that they are the poster children for the abused, hen pecked, disposable male. They are the ones who are taken to the cleaners — wages garnished, can’t see their kids, on opiates to numb their pains, villainized in the media and their immediate circles — yet, are on their third and fourth marriages and are audacious enough to give relationship advice to young men. They become relationship gurus, too. Not that they can’t and couldn’t learn from their mistakes; most DO NOT! Most go on to reinforce gynocentrism — the very thing that has never worked for them.

“No, no, no. This is how you gotta do it. Give women whatever they want.”

That’s usually their great advice. Most of them NEVER learn!

For young men like Ethan Crumbley, theirs is a problem of poor parenting that zeroes back to a much greater human problem — gynocentrism.

Unfortunately for most white males, they associate masculinity with owning guns, worshiping Hitler and being audacious and daring — saying the word “nigger”, every chance they get for almost every single reason, is so rebellious. Yeah, you’re such a bad ass! You did exactly the thing society says your shouldn’t do. “Woo hoo!” (The sound the dumb, jackass white female makes every chance she gets an emotional high).

(Stop and think for a moment about what white women do — “wooooo” and “woo hoo”, every fucking chance they get! What the fuck is that???).

This biological phenomenon isn’t solely a white male experience. Men of other races experience exactly the same things — misandry. The only difference is – wider society isn’t negatively reinforcing an abject hatred towards them, because of their race.