Live Manhunt:

Before we get into this, I am going to give a quick reminder.

Quick Reminder:

All of this is a distraction from the anti-white, terrorist attack in Waukesha. The Jewish lamestream media jumped on this to bury the Waukesha black terrorist attack and put it out of everybody’s minds — as a reminder that the real threat is young white men and guns!

Now that’s out of the way, let’s take another look at Ethan Crumbley.

Say whatever you want about him; his mother is to blame for all of this as women are to blame for the world’s ills.

You can say, Jews and the government use women all you want; you’d be right, but you’ll still be making my point — women are the problem.

Like I’ve always said, allowing women in public life was the gravest mistake men have ever made; it was mangina, white knight, tradcon, simping men who allowed this to happen. Acquiescence to the frivolous and stupid desires of women, all to win access to their vaginas.

I also mentioned that school shootings are very rare. It is the media that insists on blowing them out of proportion and making it seem like a growing epidemic. The reality is, (most of you won’t like this), bullying is normal and natural. It is the way evolution weeds out the weak and the strong. It is the male, sexual dominance hierarchy and an extremely important process.

Most kids who are bullied do not shoot up schools, or become murderers, or whatever the fuck the dumb gynotopic society tells us. They are average people, like anyone else out there. They either adapted, learned coping skills and overcame the adversities of the male dominance hierarchy.

What is actually going on with these school shooters, is what I’ve mentioned before here in this article, coupled with the fact that women and their retarded values have become predominant in school settings and this Feminine insanity is backed by the state.

The days where “boys will be boys” was commonplace and the bullied could and would stand his ground and fight back, or form alliances among his peers, are no more! You have stupid, cunt bitches being involved and prohibiting fights and punishing those who defend themselves — threatening them with indefinite suspensions and expulsions. In addition, the unpopular kid is further ostracized and becomes “the problem child” and all his pent up rage bubbles up, then later erupts.

The bullied kid is bullied, because of his mother, as I’ve explained in part 1 of this deliberation.

You’re probably still wondering, how.

Let’s look at the abortion issue — Roe v Wade.

The red pill to swallow here is, women through out human existence, always had the right to choose whether, or not they should, or could have a baby, absent some fluke of nature which inhibited them. Guess what?! Women still have these choices! It is a woman’s choice to, or not to get pregnant!

It was always optional for men to take on the responsibility of fathering the children a woman may have had for him. The man, because of Paternal Uncertainty suspicions of the child being his, or not — either committed to procuring for the child and mother, or not. This is no longer the case. Instead, what has happened is the state has flipped this natural, evolutionary process on its head where women still have the choice, but no responsibility to the offspring, but men do. In other words, women, because of the state, can choose to give a child up for adoption, without any consequences and when they do decide to have the child, can use the state to extract resources from men, without the need for the presence and involvement of the man. The state is now provider and protector.

This is why men are forced to pay for kids that arent even theirs.

So, the abortion issue isn’t about a woman’s right to choose; that was never taken away. It is about extracting resources from men through proxy violence and force, via the state and another sinister and alarming factor that I will explain in a second.

It is worth noting that if women and the state cared about bodily autonomy, they wouldnt be trying to force everyone to be jabbed.

There’s absolutely no real function of the government in this case, as there never is any real function other than maintaining control and having the slaves (women and stupid, mangina men) see the the government as legitimate — something to beseech and supplicate to. This is essentially the only reason why the government is butting in.

Now, why are women beseeching the state, other than the fact that they do so for every fucking thing, every fucking chance they get?

Oh boy! Here is the other red pill.

As I’ve said many times, before in many other articles on women:

Everything we are as humans, boils down to one simple reality: a duality between male and female.

It is the crux of who we are at the core as humans and is the root of our human identity. All institutions, perceptions, perspectives and ideologies come out of the two — male or female. A society can only be male or female. It can never be both.

There is no proof of, “A functional society has a balance of the feminine and the masculine” ever being the case. This is just wishful thinking by people who believe saying this sort of thing sounds “nice”. It is more feminine virtue signaling.

What we have seen throughout human history is, Order vs. Chaos, where order was sustained and maintained by the Masculine suppressing and curtailing the Feminine which constantly sought to override and displace the Masculine for chaos to dominate. This fact of reality is seen among every racial group, society and populations.

There has NEVER been some utopic “balance” (Ying and Yang bullshit) where one side makes up for the shortcomings of the other. This is a blatant lie and wishful thinking of the Feminine and Female Animus. Without the Masculine to keep things in line and in check, we will always get dumb Feminine shit.

Everything you see going on in society and in the world today, that is bizarre, stupid, makes no sense, totally insane, chaotic, destructive and unjust, is due to FEMININE VALUES!

To put it succinctly, women are beseeching and leveraging the power of the state (women and mangina men) to circumvent and subdue Masculine input.

To what end?


Now, that you understand what this is all about; now that you hopefully understand the sick and twisted minds of these women, now you can hopefully understand the plight of Ethan Crumbley.

The same boldness that you find with women wanting the right to kill their babies via abortion, is the same boldness women have when it comes to raising their kids — that no one — not even the father, has a say, or can tell her what to do. It’s her kid. SHE “carried the child and gave birth to him”, so she has exclusive rights and access. Especially to destroy his life.

There is absolutely nothing scary about women in and of themselves that men need to be afraid of. It is the people who would use violence against others on her behalf (the state, manginas and white knights) is what is scary. This is what most men have come to realize; The Feminine is backed by the state and the state/government has a monopoly on violence.

This, unfortunately, extends to every single facet and institution of our “society” (it is no longer a functioning society), such as schools and education, healthcare, the judicial system and just about anything you can think of, especially the police.

Welcome to the Gynotopia.

Jennifer Crumbley, 43, Mr Crumbley’s mother, wrote an open letter to then president-elect Donald Trumpon her blog in November 2016, The Daily Beast first reported.

“As a female and a Realtor, thank you for allowing my right to bear arms,” she wrote. “Allowing me to be protected if I show a home to someone with bad intentions. Thank you for respecting that Amendment.”

His mom signed her letter, “A hard working Middle Class Law Abiding Citizen who is sick of getting fucked in the ass and would rather be grabbed by the pussy.”

You teach your kids what you believe.

What you just read is what I’ve mentioned before as the problem with conservative women. They think, because they know something about something, that they can say and do whatever they want and the white tradcon man believes allowing the cunt to be a mouthy bitch, makes him a “real man”.

It is without a doubt, that Ethan Crumbley’s mom was a mouthy cunt who thinks she knows everything and allowed her son to do whatever the fuck he wanted and his dad is just what I said he was — a hen pecked, head-nodding, tradcon male, who bullied his poor son into a false, female-filtered sense of masculinity. A gun-totin’, rootin’, tootin’ Drumpf suPopOrtin’, Q-Anonsense jackass.

A Message To Young White Boys

Being able to carry a gun doesn’t make you a man. Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t a hero. He is a damaged little boy in desperate need of a father figure. If you are being bullied, the best way to handle it is to stand up to that bully and fight! Even if it means you get your ass kicked. It only builds more testosterone in you and you earn respect, no matter what!

Stop listening to women. That includes your female teachers, your mom, sisters, cousins, aunts, friends etc. Listen to your fathers! No matter how foolish. Just listen to him, because like you, all he wants is to be heard. Disagree with him, of course, but do so with integrity and respect. Definitely disagree with him if he pushes you to be a gynocentric, lapdog to women. That includes towards your mom.

Stay away from manginas and white knights — men who are all about chasing skirt and nothing else. This is a tricky one, because being around them is necessary to learn specific things of what to do and what not to do, but eventually you’ll come to realize that they are lost souls.

Lastly, the only people that are worthy of respect are men. Treat them with respect until they no longer deserve it. This does not mean that you be an ass to women. You’ll know what I mean when the time comes, but what I am referring to is, going outside of yourself and your personal constitution for your fellow man is far more rewarding than it is for a cunt. This is the secret of the male sexual dominance hierarchy that manginas do not know — when you are respected by other men, you become the alpha.

Do not waste your time with non-virgin women. Do not invest in them. The ugly duckling phenomena is real!

That’s all I have you for you guys, for now.

Over and out.