Are you still wondering what this cunt really means by this?

It means that she won’t let anyone escape the vaxx. There’s no waiting it out, hoping she’ll stop, because she won’t stop. Ever.

She’s made it her personal goal to get every last one of you. Like she said, she won’t feel satisfied until then. She’s religious about dominating you with the vaxx. There is no endpoint to her zeal.

Who knew the antichrist would have a twin sister.

But of course she won’t stop. She’s getting a lot of money from big pharma and it’s a great excuse to grab more power.

Normal isn’t coming back, folks.

What is going on with our fellow Kiwi brothers over there? Why hasn’t one of you gone fucking Shane Warne or Brian Lara on that bitch and knock her fucking face over the boundary line. SIX RUNS!!!

Tie her ugly, horse face ass up and practice bouncers on her. Conch shells and the whole nine yards.

Hello! This is pretty much what her video means — the vaxx cultists that control our societies have to be removed from power if we even want all this insanity to end.

“Only 70% need to get the jab before it’s back to normal. Did I say 80%? I meant 90%. 100% of people need to get the jab, okay?”

Why did you re-elect horseface bitch this year in a landslide, Kiwis?

Oh, that’s right. Women and faggots did.

Kiwi men let a 40 year old, childless, drugslut run their country at the behest of George Soros and Klaus Schwab who are outright funding her and now they don’t have a country anymore.

I’m not dumping on you guys. I’m just saying it as it is. Women destroy societies and America is no fucking different.

We are with you, still.