Women are so horrible and they really do deserve to be beaten up and gang-raped.

This TikTok video is getting spammed on gossip sites.

The creepy, old, bitch recorded some old guy allegedly looking at her in her yoga pants — attire that you’d think would be really flattering for such an aged skank — and posted it on the internet, saying he’s “creepy” for looking at her.

Bitch, you’re the one creeping!

Bitch looks like the Toxic Avenger. Like a deranged Pokémon.

In the video, she calls over her non-white husband, who she apparently treats like a small child, ordering him to stand next to her. Then she goes and harasses the man.

I’ve been to six million gyms and six million times I’ve had women in skimpy clothing try to position themselves in front of me and as many other men as possible, so they can be looked at. That is the only reason a woman goes to the gym. Why do you think there is no such thing as a women’s only gym? Lucille Roberts isn’t a gym. It’s a safe space for women to hide their shameful bodies.

Most of these whores don’t even do anything in the gym. They are not there to workout. They are they’re for attention and pretend. They just move around and try to look sexy so that men in the gym, many of whom they would consider attractive, will look at them. Some of them want men to talk to them. Some of them will come up to you and ask you for help, just to get more attention from you.

I have literally borne witness to these shenanigans and have been a victim of similar stupid behavior of women. I’m a pretty big and muscular guy and I trait my workouts very seriously and I get women pulling all kinds of stunts just for me to notice them. I had one cunt come to ask me to help her with her workout, or move a bench for her. I flat out told her “NO” and she went and told some other manginas in the gym, who were all too ready and willing to do her bidding and the whole time they kept looking over at me like they wanted to kick my ass.

The idea that women who walk around showing off their bodies are not trying to get men to look at them is about the dumbest thing white knights believe. This is exactly the kind of shit that goes on on Instagram with the female “workouts”.

She then uses the response to her attention-seeking to try to get more attention on the internet. Were you to point out the obvious, it’ll be met with outrage. How dare you say women that. How dare you recognize that women are pretentious, solipsistic, attention-seeking dumb asses?!

Women are literal black holes. All they want to do is suck male energy into the bottomless pit of their personal egos.

Why are these whores allowed in public? Why are they allowed to speak?