I’ve ummm… sigh… my childhood experiences and the way I was raised (by both parents) and socialized and the dynamics that created the canvas that was my childhood experiences, were ones that saw me have extensive and innumerable interactions with women. Likewise, it was one where I was privileged to have, to an even greater degree, interactions with men. This is to say I truly saw both sides of the spectrum. This gave me a very objective vantage point to observe both males and females.

I grew up with 3 sisters, 2 brothers, both mom and dad, went to both co-ed and boys-only private schools through out my adolescent life; so believe me when I tell you that I have seen it all as it pertains to the male-female dynamic.

In addition, I was always what most would consider a “jock”, or, “pretty boy” (so 90s). I had lots of female attention during the years that shit actually matters. I’ve had my fair share of women — I’ve had my fill.

I know what the fuck I’m talking about!

Women are everything I’ve said they are — narcissistic, deceitful, destructive, petulant, cretinous creatures, that can’t process information and are incredibly fucking stupid and are the reason why society is shit!

The cunts and male feminists reading this will resort to any and all the forms of shaming listed here.

Nick Fuentes was a guest on Elijah Schafer’s show on Blaze TV last week.

The thing is kind of like a morning zoo situation, or maybe like Fox’s “The Five” (it’s no McLaughlin Group, I’ll tell you that), so there is a lot of irrelevant people speaking in-between Nick. It’s worth a watch though if you’ve got nothing better to do, if only just to see how capable Nick is of carrying himself in this kind of situation (something that 97% of people couldn’t do, even if they think they could).

The most interesting thing on the group show was the “conservative attention-seeking hooker” having a freakout after Nick said that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and isn’t really interested in one.

This is something that is just as much a blasphemy on the right as it is on the left. All men have to submit to being controlled by women, or they must be brutally mocked and publicly shamed – it’s the iron law of our values and who we are.

It is primarily women, but there are the male feminist, mangina, tradcon faggot men, too, who believe that your opinions and life experiences can only be valid and need to be validated through having a relationship (sex) with a woman. Literally, these morons believe that truth can only be attained via the access to a woman’s vagina and that a woman’s only unit of value — sex — is the arbiter of reality.

This shit hasn’t worked on me since my upbringing, as briefly described earlier, saw that my observations and knowledge of women and female behavior not be subjected to such a dull and irrational delusion. Besides, I watched Fight Club at 13 and knew that every word was true.

Nick was asked by the resident cunt “have you been in a relationship?” and you’re not allowed to say “no” and then have an opinion on relationships.


Great answer! Family Feud style.

“I’m interacting with a woman right now and I know from this interaction that I don’t want to, or at least, I know I should be cautious if I am ever to get in a relationship with a woman.”

The faggot and mangina responses are:

“He’s an incel”. The most shallow and absurd response given by mangina men and cunts. “This is why he holds the beliefs he does. If he had access to a vagina, he wouldn’t have these beliefs. His entire reality and perspective on life would immediately change”.

Uh, no. You can sit and watch your father and all of your male relatives and friends be destroyed by women, but unless you have personally been destroyed by a woman, you don’t have any right to say that women destroy men.

This is literally no different than saying “I’m not interested in being attacked by a shark” and a shark asking you, “have you ever even been attacked by a shark? I don’t understand how you can hold such a negative opinion of shark attacks if you’ve never even had a shark take a bite out of you.”

It’s just more of this vile nonsense that is everywhere now. It is the Feminine mindset and value system unleashed in wider society.

This MGTOW guy did an analysis of the exchange with the dried-up old bag that’s pretty good.

He points to the fact that the cunt brought up Nick’s mother. This just proves the point. Women do not have shame, and they cannot behave with basic dignity. “Oh this man said something that hurts my feelings – let me try to emotionally abuse and exploit him by bringing up his mother.” It is all shaming tactics, guys.

The fact is, 99% of MGTOW men have better relationships with their mothers than the mommy-worshipping “boyfriend” class. If you are a “boyfriend” then your “girlfriend” is your new mommy. Look around at these boyfriend-girlfriend relationships – the girlfriend does everything that a mommy would do. She directs the life of the boyfriend, and usually actually micro-manages it, and creates a system of rewards and punishments for him. The psychology of the boyfriend is to obey women and to be completely controlled by them.

So, the kind of man who becomes a boyfriend is also the kind to still view his biological mother as an authority figure. What happens in that situation is that the girlfriend, who is now the mommy, often views the biological mommy as competition. It becomes a “you can’t have two bosses” situation, so the girlfriend attempts to manipulate the boyfriend into limiting – if not outright severing – his relationship with his mother. In fact, girlfriends often try to cut off all of the boyfriend’s contact with their entire family. This is most obvious when the girlfriend insists that all holidays are spent with the girlfriend’s family, and can escalate to the point where the girlfriend decides it’s time to move to a different city, so the boyfriend can’t see his family at all.

You all know that everything I just wrote is true. You’ve all seen it, and most of you have had it happen to you. Yet again – shark attack.

Because this “what about your mother?” thing is so ubiquitous with these cunts, let me just explain that to you.

In a healthy mother-son relationship, her authority over you ends as soon as you’re taller than she is, and probably before. From that point, you are higher in the family hierarchy than she is, both in terms of your own decisions and in her decisions being superimposed on you. That’s nature. Obviously, you can’t override your father (assuming you’re in an intact family, which you probably aren’t, statistically), but if the father is not around, you have authority over yourself and your mother’s authority over you. This does not mean that you become spousified, or parentified, neither does it assume that you are autonomous, but you responsibly sovereign and not subject to gynocentric dictates.

When the father dies, you have all of his authority (if you’re the only or eldest son) over your mother. Not his responsibilities. This includes full control of finances. She can nag you and worry over you, as is the nature of women, but she has zero right to tell you what to do or make any decision for you, or make demands of you the way a woman does of a husband . (See spousification and parentification).

This is not new thinking. It’s in the Bible, also the Koran and whatever else literature from antiquity, but it goes back before that. It is the order of nature. Human nature.

In some ways, the question these women ask – “what about your mother?” – is very relevant, because of all of that stuff I just said. A man who grows up still viewing his mother as an authority figure, and who has not forgiven her for all of the cruel things she did to him when he was helpless (socializing him into a gynocentrism thereby stunting his masculinity), is never going to be capable of having a healthy relationship with a woman.

Of course, at this point, no one can have a healthy relationship with a woman, because divorce is incentivized, and nothing is good enough for a woman.

I always have an abridged list of men who were not good enough for women:

Brad Pitt (handsomest, most popular celebrity).

Johnny Depp (same).

Jeff Bezos (richest).

Elon Musk (second richest).

Vladimir Putin (ruler of a superpower nation).

The list just goes on and on.

You can now add the most successful rapper of all time, who is now a billionaire, to the list.

His wife left him for a sex adventure with a Jewish mutant.

Kanye still can’t even process what is happening.

He’s going to understand well when he’s forced to write that cunt a $4 billion check.

The Donda song about her breaking up with him and basically begging her to come back to him it’s poignant, to say the least.

I don’t even listen to rap “music”, but it is important to reflect on this to illustrate that the female problem transcends race, even though, the ones who feel it the most and worst are white men.

I hope Kim and the Kike die in the most miserable way and he gets to keep his money.

If not, no one is going to shed a tear if he goes full OJ.

But he shouldn’t. He has important work to do and his person — his mental health — and his sovereignty are of utmost importance. More important that any woman out there will ever be.

Listen to me: If you think you’re somehow better, more attractive, and more alpha than the most famous and powerful people in the world, then you are literally deranged, disconnected from reality to the point where you should be hospitalized.

If your marriage “works”, it is not because of luck or Jesus. It is because you have capitulated and allowed yourself to be compromised and overrun by gynocentrism — Feminine principles and values. There is no strategy of being alpha enough to keep your wife in this society. So, stop lying to yourself and start being true to yourself. When and if you do, watch it all come crumbling down, faster than the rate it already is crumbling.

You need to learn this stuff. If you don’t get it, reread the above and then look around at your life. Try and tell me I’m wrong.

The good news is, in the coming apocalypse, vagina is once again going to be what nature designed it to be: a commodity.