I found out last week that my neighbor died from the vaccine. According to his wife, he fell very ill the day after taking the vax. She explained that he writhed in pain and agony for an entire month, in the hospital and was put on a “covid regimen” — ventilator and so on.

He was a Trumpanzee. A great guy. He listened. I tried, but maybe I didn’t try hard enough to get him off the Trump wagon. I didn’t want to offend his sensibilities. He was on the MAGA train all the way to his very dying end.

I blame Trump for his death. I sincerely fucking do.

Did you know?

The head of Operation Warp Speed for the development and distribution of vaccines in the US is a guy named Moncef Slaoui. He is an immunologist and an expert in brain-machine interfaces.

Oh, he’s not Jewish. No, not at all.

Slaoui has also authored more than 100 research papers.[12] In April 2013, he co-wrote a paper with several other GSK heads that introduced the term “electroceutical” to broadly encompass medical devices that use electrical, mechanical, or light stimulation to affect electrical signaling in relevant tissue types.[13] In July 2013, he wrote an op-ed in the Huffington Post titled “It’s Time to Further Incentivize Medical Innovation”, in which he outlined three recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical industry.


It is ambitious work but there have been impressive strides in bringing together biology and computers recently, such the case of a 58-year-old paralyzed woman who last year used an experimental brain-computer interface to move a robotic arm by thought alone.

It’s by pure chance, of course.