Now, I’m certainly not one for beating women for no reason at all, whatsoever. As a matter of fact, I’m not into that kind of shit at all, regardless of whether, or not it’s a waaahman. However, I certainly do advocate beating women, today, considering the fact that they are totally destroying society and many, many lives out there. They have totally turned everything inside out and they need to be beaten back into the kitchen.

Then there’s this.

Bitch, don’t do that shit.

Don’t be a dumb bitch.

Women are not even good at lying. They’re just good at making puppy eyes and emotionally manipulating men by pretending to be defenseless creatures.

Since we’re not seeing these distressed women tell their side of the story, it’s easy for us to see that it doesn’t make any sense.

Beating women is both a punishment and a preventive measure.