Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Two weeks, too. Right on time!

No one in NY elected this bitch, but that doesn’t matter, because Communists aren’t elected, nor nominated. They just take over.

What an insufferable cunt.

I’d say, “do not comply”, but I bet a lot of people will, no matter what. She’s New Yorkers’ new mommy and only mommy knows what’s good for you.

It’s okay. Do not be dismayed. All of this is much larger than you and I, because women are what’s best for all societies. They’ll protect each and everyone of their children.

I wouldn’t feel so bad, if I were you. Women are brave, strong heroes, through and through.

2A imposes a statewide “shut the fuck up” order to these criminals.

Yet, no one is going to do a damn thing, because of gynocentrism.