At first, when the Moronic strain was announced I was like:

But now, I’m like:

This shit keeps getting better!!!

The mass hysteria continues. I want all these morons off my planet.

So, there’s no protection. I mean, NO PROTECTION against a strain which nobody has died from thus far? How could they possibly know?

How much longer are the triple jabbed retards going to fall for this shit?

Omicron is LITERALLY the fucking common cold.

Okay, okay. I’ll be honest and make a confession.

Omicron is serious, Joe.

I’ve been skeptical about the vaccines, that’s why I hadn’t taken them, but when I heard about Omicron; well that shit shook me to my very core.

It’s going to be 500x worse than Delta and the unvaccinated are going to drop like flies.

When I heard about this shit I finally did the right thing. I picked up the damn phone and manned up and made an appointment. Maybe the risk wasn’t worth it for Delta, but for Omicron? Sheeeeit! You’d have to be a fool to wade in its waters unprotected.

Am I worried about side effects? Fuck yeah, you betchya.

Am I more worried about losing them to the worst variant to hit us since the Spanish flu. Fuck yea.

Just get vaccinated and hold your breath and hope for the best. That’s what I’m doing and I can’t wait to feel that needle in my skin and know I’m at least a little safer.