People keep saying, “the media is covering up the Maxwell trial.”

That is obviously true, but it also doesn’t even matter.

This whole thing is going to be about how the prostitutes – who are themselves part of a criminal conspiracy – are the victims.

It’s not going to be about a Mossad blackmail ring.

The media is just covering it up, because any crimes committed by Jews are always covered up by the media. Not because anything important is going to happen.

It’s just going to be endless tears about the poor victimized hookers.

As soon as you accepted that a woman signing up to get paid massive amounts of money for sex is a “victim,” anything interesting about the Epstein case was out the window.

It is all a performance and nothing more.

She’d never heard of a penis!

Epstein was like “let me show you my penis” and she was like “what the heck is a penis???”

Pomerantz, huh?

Imagine that.

Notice that the anti-Maxwell lawyers mentioned in the article are also JEWS.

This is Lara Elizabeth Pomerantz:

I have no idea why that is the only picture of her on the internet*.

“These teenage girls had never heard of a penis, and did not know that one such member could be inserted into their vaginas. The tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars they made hooking were just part of the abusive grooming. That is at the core of this case: teenage girls don’t know what penises are.”

It’s just so retarded and audacious. Yet, guess what? You believe it!

An international Mossad blackmail ring reaching the highest levels of power turns into, “OMG those poor hookers.”

This is literally as dumb as believing in the coronavirus, or that cows farting is changing the weather.

James Comey’s daughter is running the prosecution. That means that she’s the one who decided to shape this case around the idea that the criminal hookers involved in this blackmail ring were victims.

The hookers should all be prosecuted as adults – as foreign agents working for an Israeli espionage operation.

But nooooooo!

No, instead you get “these poor hookers.”

Anyone talking about how the media is covering up this trial is not saying anything meaningful about it that I’ve seen. Anyone talking about the hookers being “victims” is not a serious person, and is either some kind of retard, or is trying to confuse you on purpose.

These hookers weren’t even beaten up. They were literally the best treated hookers on earth.

Jeffrey Epstein was literally murdered — “suicided” — in federal custody after having been illegally arrested for crimes he’d already been tried for.

How about we investigate that?

What about the fact that the media reported that when the FBI raided Epstein’s New York home, they opened a safe that had CD-ROMs with famous people’s names on them and that the disks were believed to be videos of all of those people having sex with illicit hookers?

I’d like to know about that.

What I wouldn’t like is more lecturing about how teenage girls don’t know what penises are. Yet, that appears to be what the unbanned right-wing is exclusively interested in – a bunch of hardcore Marxist feminist gibberish about how teenage hookers don’t know what a penis is or that men want to stuff their penises into their disgusting goo holes.

I’ve had long-running arguments with white knight faggots literally claiming to be “Nazis” who say that the most important duty of the Trve Aryan is to protect the innocence of prostitutes.

Yes, these White Nationalists and wannabe Weirmacht idiots are all feminists!

That is the mindset of 99% of the right-wing. The alleged “hardcore Nazis” agree with Charlie Kirk – we have to save the innocence of hookers.

The current state of White Men

Women are trash and if you don’t understand that, you need to forgive your mother and escape the doom spiral of mommy syndrome. You’re a grown man. It’s time to let mommy go.

You do not need women’s approval and you do not need access to their vaginas to feel validated in your endeavors.


I’m so sick of this. I’m sick of it. Women are whores, teenage girls are whores. Whores like to feel important, they like to fly around and get attention from men with money, they like gifts, they like money.

Saying the Weinstein hookers are victims is like saying, “teenage boys were victimized when they were given free Honda 4-quads and tricked-out Kawasaki Ninjas in exchange for racking up Steam achievements.”

Basically, Maxwell is just being thrown out there to make it look like something was done about that whole bizarre situation with Epstein. I guess she’ll probably go to prison, but probably not for very long, and they might let her be extradited to France where nothing will happen to her, because running teen hookers isn’t illegal in France. She is literally a sit-in for Epstein.

Literally nothing to see here.

Maybe some document about the intelligence connections will be dropped, but run by Comey and the Jews – I doubt it. The prosecution is the cover up.

*That’s a joke. It’s a picture of Maxwell. We can assume Pomerantz has a very similar face.