When I saw this:

I thought about this:

Oops! Sorry, wrong song.

The UK is under pressure with “moronticity” of the Omicron strain.

BoJo added, “Get boosted now! For our freedom.”

They gon’ lock you up mate. You thought it was a joke, innit?!

You thought because EPL just started, that it was all gonna be just fabby? Well, you were wrong mate. Shit ain’t all crumpets, biscuits and tea. You could just sod off with all that jazz, then.

While all you merry men of the British isles were off soiling yourselves at the pub, watching the Man City tossers and listening to garage music, this was happening in Serie A:

Unless you’re right in the head and you’re a United fan, you were privy to this:

Yeah, the ADE and prions from the death jab is hitting the athletes. Like the good German doctor, the late Dr. Noack, said, the shots contained razor-blade-like nano particles (Nano-razorblades) and will have serious effects on athletes.

So, I’m pointing this out, so none of you wankers who doubted me and others who forewarned you, can say you weren’t told. Neither are you able to misdiagnose what’s actually taking place.

If you’re still clueless, then I’ll explain again: the “Omicron variant” is an excuse for the dangerous side effects of the “vaccines”.

Panic!!!!!!! Panic, everywhere!!!!!!

You guys won’t guess how they plan on fixing all this.

They’re about to lock you down!

No more international travel for 12 to 15-year-olds without the NHS “COVID Pass”! That’s coming from the UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid. But, wait! There’s more.