The moment we’ve all been waiting for is going down tomorrow.

Communist Comrade In Chief, Brandon, is scheduled to address the entire solar system tomorrow. The topic will be OMICRON.

The unswerving trajectory of Covid-ism and Fauci-ism, for two whole years, proves that Brandon is on the victorious side. He and his Communist minions will kill us all. At this point, I doubt any of us are fighting back.

I mean, just take a look at what’s been going on in New York State.

Yeah, yeah, I told you so. I predicted they would attempt to turn NYC into Australia, but noooo. Nobody listened.

I’ve warned several people, outside of this blog, that this was going to happen; that they should get out of NYC as soon they could, because things are only going to worsen.

Now, the Dark Winter Speech they will have to deal with.

Many people online would like us to believe there are a lot more people pissed off at the government’s bullshit than there are people scared of the commie coof. This is simply not the case. Both narratives are bullshit.

The best and easiest way to comprehend this is to look at politics as wrestling. Yes, like WWE and WWF. It is all fake and ludicrous and there are millions of viewers as there are millions of participants in the “political process”. The people who watch wrestling think it’s real just as the people who think voting matters and makes a difference. Both sides are clueless about the performances they are spectating. The news, political commentators and analyzers are no different to the wrestling commentators.

People think that shit is real, like they think politics, what government says and covid is real.

Biden, to most, may be just smiles and nods. The lights are on, but nobody is home. The white house is being run by women and Jews behind the curtain. All of which amount to communism.

Whatever the fuck happens, whatever is said tomorrow, I’m still not taking the jab.