The world over, sex is now being used by women, almost exclusively, as a weapon against men. This weaponized sex can literally destroy a man’s net worth, deprive him of his children, his home and his liberty. So, I will ask those reading — those attempting to swallow this red pill — to take the subject of rape very seriously.

On how many different levels is sex weaponized? In order to understand this we must comprehend the functions and utility of sex. In this context — what is the purpose of sex — sex is for pleasure, first and foremost. Sexual pleasure is the main function and utility of sex, contrary to what many retarded liberals, Christians and Conservatives attempt to claim. Secondly and lastly, children are the by products of sex and the pursuit of sexual pleasure. Women have sex to control men, which is one facet of the sexual dynamics and they use the children to control men as well, which is the other facet. Essentially, women use sex to trick men into believing that they’ve fallen in love with them. She then marries the man and uses that marriage and more importantly, the threat of divorce, to control him.

Now, we all know and understand just how much women are using the power of sex to exploit men. In addition to this, the merging of this behavior with the feminist concept of female empowerment as well as the legal impunity and encouragement of this behavior, are a recipe for disaster. However, by far the most dangerous form of weaponized sex is the kind that will put you behind bars for a very large portion of your natural life. This is the false rape accusation.

For my own personal desire to clarify and residually so the political correctness police can have their PC orgasms, I want to definitively state that this blog site and this article does not advocate rape or sexual violence in any form, against anybody; men, women or children. Anybody saying otherwise will result in total and absolute disavowment and condemnation.

With that out of the way, let us try to understand why rape is such a serious crime these days and more importantly, why specific types of rape carry a 25 years to life prison sentence and why others do not.

Allow me explain to you what a rape of a woman by a man, is.

A rape of a woman by a man is a theft of what the woman owns, which is her ability to dispense sex, which is, of course, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, is tied to reproductive abilities — the sole function of all women. The desire for men to have sex is primarily the desire for sexual pleasure and this desire for sexual pleasure is essentially an inadvertent desire, because it’s tied to the reproductive ability of women. This is instinctively understood by both men and women. When a man rapes a woman, the trauma (psychologically, at least), lasts way longer than whatever physical injuries she may have suffered. The psychological wounds may last her entire life, whereas the physical wounds may last a few weeks, at the most. The woman feels violated, because she was robbed of her ability to dispense and withhold sex from any man she so chooses, at any time, for any reason.

Therefore, we can all agree that:

a. sex, sexual pleasure via intercourse and more importantly, reproductive ability are the only things that a man cannot get from a woman, without that woman giving him the express permission to do so.

b. when a man rapes a woman the only lasting damage that occurs is psychological and not physical (at least in the vast majority of cases).

So, let’s condense this down to its elemental form.

Rape is a theft of women’s property i.e. her sexual ability, which leaves her with psychological wounds that probably will last a lifetime.

In the eyes of the law and society at large, this is the only rape between adults that matter. There are other types of rape that can happen, but nobody ever acknowledges them, but in this article, we will.

We have the real rape epidemic going on in the prison systems where men are raped daily and literally turned into sex slaves, but nobody cares, because they aren’t women. What is pointed out and often given as a response to this fact is that it is men who are doing the raping, therefore, the problem is men — men collectively rape and are prone to rape. Even though these men can possibly be innocent and may have been falsely accused of crimes such as rape, for example, the accused is still expected to just deal with rape and sexual slavery, when and if such a tragedy may befall him. Never mind the fact that even if they are guilty of these crimes, they should not be subjected to be raped in anyway.

You see, when it’s men, the assumption of guilt of a crime, at least to society, justifies their rape, however, prostitutes are guilty of a crime, too. In most societies prostitution is a crime. Does this mean that they should also be raped? Of course not!

I remember this famous quote: “a true test of a society and a civilization is how well it treats its prisoners”, and in that case, especially for male prisoners, society has failed miserably.

Yet, we also have other forms of rape such as the rape that occurs in divorce and family courts. Above, we just narrowed down the rape of a woman to being the theft of her reproductive abilities that leaves severe psychological scarring. Her reproductive ability is hers and hers only and when she’s forced against her will to have to give it to someone not of her own choosing; then, that is the definition of rape.

In divorce courts, what does a woman do to a man? Whether it be of her own volition, or the state’s; is it not rape? Is it not theft of a man’s children, wealth and property that leave him psychologically damaged for years, if not for life?

As pointed out earlier, just like the rape of a woman leaves lasting psychological damage, does a man not feel robbed and suffer psychological damage, too, when a woman he once trusted has his children taken away from him and forces him to pay child support with her being under no obligation to let him have contact with them; is that not rape?

What she destroyed.

Aren’t they both (men and women) being robbed of their reproductive rights? Aren’t they both being deprived of their property?

Men safeguard their legacies — their children — the same way women safeguard their reproductive ability. When a man works his entire life and sees his fortune robbed by alimony and child support for children he isn’t allowed to see, is this not a theft that’s bound to produce a lifetime of psychological suffering? Many men who choose not to pay for their own betrayal and embezzlement are thrown in jail and deprived of their freedoms. So, yes, men are forced to finance this atrocious behavior — their own rape — under the threat of a loss of their freedom.

Forget seeking restitution from the state, like women can, men are actually forced by the state to finance their own rape.

You see, slavery is a form of prolonged rape — a rape that keeps on giving. Or, a rape via compulsory servitude, if you will. These rapes are never talked about, because they don’t harm women, but they do harm men. Look at the many instances of men committing suicide after they are raped via divorce. If it’s, “not that big of a deal” and if a man should, “just get over it” — if it’s not a rape — then how is it that so many men choose to end their lives, rather than live life after a divorce? What happens to so many men after divorce that makes them feel so hopeless and violated, that they end their own lives? Well, it’s the fact that they feel raped, isn’t it?

False rape allegations from women that unjustly imprison innocent men, is another form of rape that nobody punishes, simply because it does not harm women. The men chucked in jail and condemned to decades of unjust imprisonment certainly have been a victim of theft; they’ve been robbed of their freedoms and the psychological damage of that is undeniable. Yet, when DNA absolves these men of any wrong doing, or, when videos of the female accuser having 100% unadulterated consensual sex surfaces, these women don’t get charged with rape. They are at best, relegated to legal wrist slaps and a few months of public embarrassment. Most of the times, they are portrayed as victims, regardless, by the media.

This all boils down to sex being used as a weapon against men on a number of different levels.

Rape as a concept has a lot of utility for women. One, it feeds their narcissistic need to feel irresistible. Two, it feeds their narcissistic need to feel irresistible. That level of irresistibility is the pinnacle of a woman’s sexual viability and worth and for a whole lot of women, sexual worth is the only self-worth they know. Aside from the real rape culture mentioned earlier — prison rape and men being raped by women financially and having their children taken away— the rape culture spearheaded by women, via the weaponization of sex by women, is the ugly woman’s rape fantasy. Pretty, or beautiful women — women confident in their looks and appearance — are generally not partakers in the delusion of rape culture as is lamented by feminists. Ugly women do this.

#metoo #barf #shootme

At the heart of a rape fantasy is narcissism.

It’s about the idea of saying NO to a man, over and over, but he throws caution to the wind and gives into the animal instinct to just overtake you, because you’re so attractive, so beautiful, so alluring, so irresistible that he just can’t help himself.

Once again, let me make it clear that violence is unacceptable unless it is in self defense, but I want to also clarify that I didn’t just compare rape to what happens in divorce and family courts. Rather, I just equated rape to what happens in these courts. I just equated rape to the false rape accusations and the only “End Rape” initiatives that should be taken seriously are the ones that include all types of rape.

I’d also like to caution men : if you have sex with women you don’t know very well, video record it. Let people call you a weirdo. Let them say what they want. Get it on video!!!!

This sounds harsh, but let me put it in perspective for you. Languishing in jail for a false rape accusation that may never be proven false, if you don’t have videos to back it up is much, much harsher, I assure you.

So, protect yourself.

This is a war! And I’m not going to be a casualty of it.