Many people think I just hate women when I point out that they are retarded cunts that are way out of control. No. I’m just pro-Male. Always have been and always will be.

You see, now? I don’t advocate for violence against women for no reason, the same way I don’t against any group for no reason. But, as you can see there are lots of reasons to beat the fucking piss out of women and this video right here is the embodiment of reason number one to reason one million.

Yeah, I hope the stupid cunt gets put in jail for a long time and has to pay a hefty restitution to the old stalwart who stood up to her cuntiness.

If he wanted to that old man could probably still beat her fucking ass. Power hungry weaklings must love this pandemic, because they get to mistreat people while feeling morally superior.

She wants him to put a mask on, yet, doesn’t have her mask on. I’d just stuff her into the luggage compartment and be done with it.

You see, women have absolutely no respect for anyone, or anything hence this cunt believes she’s justified in behaving this way towards her elder. She thinks she’s justified and morally superior, despite her stupid ass not wearing a mask while assaulting the man.

Women also cannot handle being told NO.

Women deserve to be fucking beaten, because they all behave this way to some degree and in some capacity. Act out with impunity, because they are empowered by the state and mangina, white knight police.

They think they can act out violently with impunity, because some simping, faggot ass lapdogs said, “a man should never hit a woman”.

Real men know that’s bullshit. There are tons of reasons to hit a woman, we just don’t do it, because we know that violent white knights and manginas are always lurking — “he hit a girl!”



She fucking deserved it! You ever thought of that? You stupid fucking dumb pieces of shit.

We also don’t hit women, because it will mean loss of our freedoms. Other than that, were these stupid, unjust and unfair weapons of injustice not leveraged against us, men would have gone to war on these fucking cunts and their pussy-begging, simping lapdog manginas a long time ago!

And guess what?! Society would be in a much better state than it is today. Masculine men are outnumbered by violent, soy poisoned, single-mother parented faggots.

The time when masculine men will put a foot up these bitches asses and slap the piss out of them for their stupidity is on the horizon and society will thank us for it.

In the meantime, though, we have to deal with these cunts and the faggot, hen pecked pussy beggar sons they raised.

Oh, here is something else that’s worth pointing out: “Burn the Coal, Pay the Toll” is a simp whistle that white men use as a mating strategy.

Now, I’m certainly not advocating for race mixing. Absolutely not! I am, however, pointing out the fox and the grapes element inherent to the “burn the coal, pay the toll” adage, where white men are losing out, because they refused to keep white women in check.

But black men and other men of color don’t hesitate to put that bitch in her place. Exactly what white men refuse to do. Instead, they resort to being angry, sour and bitter at the sight of a coal burner, then feeling a false sense of vindication at the sight of that coal burner being the “victim” of a violent nigger.

The adage is a simp whistle for, “I’ll simp for you, my white princess. I’ll let you walk all over me and do whatever the fuck you want, regardless of consequences, with impunity, my illustrious white queen. I’ll be there to pick up the pieces when you fuck up over and over. I wouldn’t do what that nigger did to you. I’ll worship the ground you walk on, let you disrespect me in public, alienate myself from my friends and family for you, let you divorce rape me, take away my kids. I’ll never put a hand on you like that nigger did.”

Again, I’m not for coal burning, but it wouldn’t happen if more white men slapped the shit of white women for being the cunts they are, in the first place. Yes, white men are the progenitors and engineers of their own oppression and demise.

White women are the bane of human civilization.

Don’t let this be your Christmas.