Is it me, or are these cunts truly out of place? They’re really out of hand, aren’t they?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each of you, by the way.

I’m sorry to have to dredge this up on such a high-spirited day, but I’ve been paying close attention to what’s been going on and I believe this is worth mentioning.

The jab clearly doesn’t work. Time to mandate it.
This is your government in a nutshell, folks and your government is being run by women, Jews and faggot, feminized men. All of whom embrace and perpetuate feminine values.

As long as The Feminine dominate our lives and culture, we will never escape this endless cycle of jabs, new variants and more jabs and hysteria.

The sad thing is that people think this is how society is supposed to function and respond. It just blows my mind.

Many think they can’t make “vaccines” mandatory. Maybe. Maybe not. However they can deny you certain services. If you’re “unvaccinated” you’ll have to live without bars, restaurants and other non-essential services.

This pandemic NEEDS attention in order to survive. It needs constant eyes and ears directed at it. This is, because it only exists in the media.

You want to know why they make people wear masks? The masks only serve as a reminder for the people that everyone should be wary of the invisible killer. It was all bullshit from the beginning.

They made the masks mandatory, because that’s the only way they got people to wear them as a show of dominance and control. Before mandating them, the maskholes were in the minority. This was detrimental for the system, so they convinced the normietards — empowered and deputized them — into shaming and subsequently forcing everyone into partaking in the circus.

This plandemic will only end, when the majority adapt my mindset — it is all a hoax, turn off your televisions, the government is our enemy and only masculinity can destroy communism. When no one pays attention to the constant fear mongering, then the plandemic loses all authority. The system craves attention, so stop giving it to it. It is no different to dealing with cunts.

Just stop paying them attention and everything will cave in on itself.