Everything that we are experiencing that is insane, stupid, unbelievably bizarre and ridiculous, is exactly the way a woman’s mind works and how she behaves.

Take a look at this.

So, what this cunt is suggesting is that we replace our right to protect ourselves from foreign powers and a tyrannical government to relying on government to protect us. Better known as Communism.

Communism is a feminine construct. Communism pushes big government and relies on government interventionism. Women promote government interventionism and always vote for bigger government, without fail.

Women are dumb. Women do not comprehend freedom and when left up to their own devices and capacities, reign in disaster and destruction.

Large share of women in power. Shithole country.

Women believe freedom to be rebelliousness. They think the answers to the world’s problems to be embedded within their being. Evidence shows this to be the complete opposite — that women are nothing more than agents of chaos.

Women push for egalitarianism at the behest of bigger government and even though research shows that more prosperous, egalitarian and healthy nations have more psychological differences between men and women, this simply isn’t true and highly impossible.

The contradiction here is, the more differences between men and women means egalitarianism is not achievable and a farce, because we know that more advanced societies have more differentiated gender roles. This means that traditional sex roles are important for stability of any group, or nation. Therefore, with this being the case, equality, or egalitarianism is merely a pie in the sky construct of a woman’s mind.

This delusion that women possess — women are equal to men, women are no different to men and can do everything men can do — is the prevailing delusion that dominate the zeitgeist of much of the western world. It is one that is responsible for all the chaos and insanity we are experiencing as a species. This is so, even though we are fully aware that wealthier countries have more developed sex roles.

What allowing women free roam in public life has resulted in, is total chaos. Women are destructive and dysgenic. They are nothing good in and of themselves and when left up to their own devices and capacities — when not under the auspices of Masculinity — create the insane society we live in.

As a thought experiment, consider the fact that college students who major in fields with a greater proportion of women have lower average IQs.

“…the more female-dominated a college major is, the lower the average IQ of the students studying in the major.”

In other words, anything pursued by women is retarded. Anything that is born out of female values is retarded. Being around women makes you retarded. This is evident in single-mother parented young men. Look at elementary schools that’s dominated by female teachers. Look at our hospitals and Healthcare system. Allowing women to dominate any society will result in retardation. Anything matriarchal will lead to a dumbing down of society. Why is this? Because women are fucking stupid and retarded.

When I say this, I’m not just talking out of my ass, folks. I know what the fuck I’m saying.

So, you see, the elven woman that’s spearheading this push to overturn our freedom of speech and right to bear arms is only doing this, because she’s a woman and women are retarded.

In addition, less attractive women are more likely to want careers. Either that,or they have significant problems with their sex organs.

“… of Jewish confession.”