I told you many times that this OMICRON strain is a moronic strain and it is a damn hoax being foisted upon us all, against our will.

I told you the governments around the world will amp this up to an unprecedented degree this winter.

I told you guys that this winter will be a very dark one.

I told you that this hoax will never go away.

I told you that they will use OMICRON to legitimize all the strange totalitarian government overreach bullshit that they’re going to pull on us.

So said, so done.

OMICRON could cause mistrial, goy!

Yes, Epstein’s madam should not beon trial. Instead, have a few of her teen prostitutes “testify against her”, but we will never ask them who the clients were… because of OMICRON.

NYPD harasses little boy for not wearing a mask, but “Back the blue” and “Hold the Line”.

What’s the lesson here? These retards are asking the cops if they are happy about what they’re doing and if this is what they imagined they would be doing when they signed up to be cops.

Of course they’re happy. This shit is a cop’s wet dream. People need to stop thinking the cops were ever anything else, but what we’re seeing here. They are all Bastards!

I don’t get how anyone on the right can still “back the blue” after watching cops allow niggers to terrorize working whites all summer of 2020, while they kneel for a drug-dealing armed robber thug, or after these vax checks and mask incidents have gone viral where cops are just acting as enforcers for the Elven, Marxist terror state that is the USA, in 2021.

Are cuckservatives just that fucking dense? Cops only care about their paychecks and pensions. They do not care about anything else. The elves could command them to start rounding up white children and shooting them, and probably 75% would comply.

We have this moron to thank for it.

Repulicunt Cuckservative: “Trump was the b–. Oh, no! He’s pushing the Vax!”

I hope these retards are happy.

What’s the lesson here? Well, we definitely see that we can make people afraid of the common cold by simply changing the name. This is the power of branding. This is the simplicity of brainwashing. It was a long time coming.

It’s only going to get worse, folks. This isn’t me being black pilled, but a realist and I’ve explained why many, many, many times in several articles.

I hope you’re happy with your decisions.