Twitter has finally brought the hammer down on Robert Malone.

He is the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology.

If guys don’t know who he is, here’s a video to get you up to speed on that and what he’s been up to since the virus hoax was released.

He got yeeted!

I know some of you are going, “nobody cares about covid; ts almost 2022”, but, if no one cares, why was he banned?

Well, anyway, that’s for you to ponder, but, it’s real. They fucking did it. Twitter banned the inventor of the mRNA vaccine.

He posted this, two hours before they chopped his head off.

Me? I neither trust the government, nor Malone. I trust absolutely no one. For all I know, Malone could be disowning his own creation of mRNA in order to avoid guilt and culpability for what is happening, or may happen to millions who take the the death jab.

He may be trying to sound the alarm as fast as possible to the world, that his creation was not safe, in order to avoid the rope that is to come…IF.

Then there’s the fact that he is being touted in conservative media as “the inventor of mRNA vaccines”, which is a claim that is only substantiated by his personal website.

He co-authored a paper about in vitro and in vivo non-human transfection of mRNA, but lacked a delivery mechanism for it and has not done substantial work on vaccines since the 90s.


I don’t know.

I’m still not taking the jab.