Like I said in this article, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial was just another hoaxed dog and pony show to keep the normietards thinking something was going to happen to an elite member of the elite club. It was intended to keep retarded Q-Anonsense boomertards and Trumpanzees thinking that a “satanic, child eating, child molesting, child blood drinking, pedophile ring was about to come crumbling down”.

I told you this was never going to happen and it never will.

Guilty on 5 counts, not guilty on 1 count, yet absolutely no names were named. We still don’t know who the clients were. The most important and most hoped for piece of information was never revealed and it never will be.

Nothing ever happens,
so, he will be okay.

The entire trial seem to have been about her grooming girls for Epstein, only. Nothing more.

In addition, none of those whores were innocent and it was just another tactic to stir up the emotions of cunts and manginas — “oh the poor innocent whores”.


Give me a fucking break.

At this point, I suggest you read all of my articles and become familiar with my thesis.

My views are extremely unpopular, but they are never wrong!

Time and time again, time will prove me correct on all counts!

All you morons who still think the left vs right paradigm holds legitimacy and that governments are any good, you are fucking retards and you are the reasons why nothing will ever get better, because these hoaxes rely on your stupidity.

Next, Ghislaine may suicide herself like her boyfriend did. I wouldn’t be surprised. Too many secrets and names are at stake.

This is over and will be discarded within 2-3 days so people can get their headlines. Maxwell will be forgotten. Nothing will happen to Bill.

Epstein and Ghislaine ran a blackmail operation for Mossad, carrying on the work of Ghislaine’s father, Robert Maxwell. They targeted politicians, celebrities, and scientists in order to further Israeli interests. The press (and morons in general) will focus on dumb whores and salacious details instead of the purpose of the operation itself.

In case you’re still wondering, or too stupid to comprehend what occurred today, allow me to simplify: this whole trial was a fake and gay circus for the masses. These people did so much worse over the decades and centuries. Jeffrey Epstein using some dumb, young whore is not going to cut it.

We want the the whole fucking truth of the world we live in, the history and whatever the fuck they have buried deep underground. If none of that is revealed, it’s just business as usual — bullshit!

For those who are still hung up on these dumb cunts, you can kill yourself and your kids, too. The world will be a better place without you fucking morons and your retarded gene pool.

Consent was retracted years after the fact.
Yes, any women you ever sexed can withdraw her consent at any time and claim rape succesfully in a court of law, after the fact.

No one seems to find it strange, or at the very least, interesting, that these whores are talking, but none of them are talking about anyone other than Epstein and Maxwell.

Are you satisfied with this bullshit? Yes? Then, okay. Fuck off and you can go kill yourself. I’m not satisfied.

Just a reminder: women are retarded.