This from Reuters:

Several retards have pointed at various things – Biden’s announcement of “no federal solution” (in the midst of multiple federal mandates and discussions of more), allowing people to travel for Christmas, the CDC’s Simon Says on quarantines, and various other “signs” that the government is “scaling back the hoax” and that there will be no winter doom.

These retards have short memories, due to mental retardation and a pathetic belief that somehow, in some universe, everything is going to go back to normal.

Like that freak singing that song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” it will all be normal again.

It’s not going to be normal again.

I said everything would be repeated, but that it would all be worse.

This “oh there’s no problem” is exactly what they did in 2020.

How shallow is your memory hole, bro?

You don’t remember “this is not a major threat for the people in the United States”?

You don’t remember “asymptomatic carriers have never driven an outbreak”?

You don’t remember “masks will make it worse, don’t worry (no reason to panic)”?

You don’t remember “travel restrictions are irrelevant”?

You don’t remember the entire media saying “it’s just the flu”?

All of this “calm before the storm” happened in 2020, and it is happening again right now – though to a lesser extent, as there is still panic everywhere.

The doom is coming.

I don’t know what the doom is going to look like, exactly, but it is going to be worse than anything we’ve seen in America thus far. The FEMA camps are already set up in America, and there is zero chance that there is not discussion of using these as “quarantine camps” as we’re seeing in Canada and Australia.

European countries are doing lockdowns “only for the unvaccinated.” We’ve seen months on end of demonization of the unvaccinated in this country, and there is a strong degree of hatred for us among the vaxed.

I don’t know if those things will happen here this winter. But they might.

What almost certainly will happen is a total shutdown of flights for the unvaxed, as well as a serious upping of the vax passport system.

There is also going to be endless hysteria about overwhelmed hospitals, which will really just mostly be lies. Except maybe a lot of people with vax injuries will be in the hospital.

Even if you are so completely retarded and uninformed that you think the Great Reset is some kind of conspiracy theory, then you still must be able to understand that on a basic political level, the Communists (Democrats) need a massive, massive crisis. That may or may not mean war with Russia, but it definitely means upping the ante on the virus hoax.

They let people travel on Christmas, they’re letting people gather on New Year’s, and then they’re going to say they warned you not to do that, and now the Omicron spread is out of control, and actually it is deadly, and actually it is killing children, and actually the doom is upon us completely.

Watch it transform.

At time of writing, this is the top story on Reuters:

Be prepared.