This is some next level shit. The insanity is not going to end in 2022. It will never end! I’m sorry, folks, but things are only going to get worse.

As they did before, they will unleash the madness, pause, pull back a little, then come back with more madness. The goal is to develop a Stockholm syndrome.

As is currently the case, OMICRON isn’t scary enough. The fear isn’t where they need it to be, so they’re moving onto something different.

This year, in 2022, we can expect interstate travel to be restricted, in lieu of a very strict and stringent lockdown. Covid 19 checkpoints are going to be set up nationwide and our movements heavily monitored. Many countries will declare Marital Law and expand their tyranny.

Expect a sixth vaxx, tenth booster and two new strains and new outbreak, by end of year.

We can expect to see AI nanobots being unleashed to target individuals based on their DNA, as seen in the new James Bond movie.

More terrorist attacks and false flag events, but most likely on American soil. This time, done by white Americans, or at least, blamed for it. Unlike the capitol seige”, mass amounts of people will die, and things will get destroyed. Cities that will be targeted: TBA.

For certain, there will be false flag “climate change” events, such as massive hurricanes and earthquakes, floodings, droughts, harsh winters, forest fires and unprecedented volcanic eruptions, all of which will be blamed on “climate change” and our need to go Green.

Expect blackouts and more supply shortages.

Expect major car manufacturers to release more and more electric vehicles and abandon development of gas and hybrid cars.

Lookout for a rise in bug diets and the first bug restaurant to offer only bugs as a dietary food source. If it has already occurred, more will arise and the bug diet insanity will be popularized and normalized.

Based on the literature by the very same people who are behind all of this — the Communist elites — we are in for a world of hurt, this upcoming year.

Go ahead. Read for yourselves. This is just skimming the surface. Believe me, it’s a lot deeper and a lot scarier that what’s listed below.

Invisible inks to be used to determine who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t.

Shit is just going to get more and more insane. This is so according to their plans, too. So, don’t think I’m some conspiracy nut, trying to scare you for shits and giggles. You can read it yourselves.

It’s a war going on and we’re not even aware of it.

It’s a war on us “useless eaters”.

2022, I wish could be a lot different to the last 2 years, but I’m not so hopeful, because everything they’ve been planning for over 40 years, is being fulfilled at a rapid pace.

I wish there was something comforting that I can say; provide an emotional solace, but I can’t. We’ve breached the event horizon and we are all being sucked in.

I hope everyone is happy with their choices and I hope you all stay safe.

Happy New Year.