Someone messaged me the other day, mentioning that he noticed that all the women on the dating app he uses have been vaccinated.

Well, aside from the fact that he’s being autistic on a dating site, of course they are! Women are retarded!

Women are a retarded, enforcer-class of NPCs and agents of chaos, misery and destruction. More news at 11…

They cling to the covid hoax, because the hoax itself and the hysteria around it, are female in nature. These cunts feel this way, then it must be real. Women think their feelings are reality.

It’s a matter of social status for these dumb whores, too — everybody’s doing it. No different to any kind of fad.

I’m not sure what this guy was expecting. Was he expecting individualistic thinkers? Women are cattle.

He, like most men, need to learn that they must never discuss politics, religion or video games when pursuing a woman. Never!

Pretty much, don’t discuss yourself, at all. Make it all about her and nothing more. If it has to be about you, make that “about you”, somehow, in relation to her.

Do not go on dates, neither. Going on a date is pretty much being a babysitter with the hopes of a reward at the end. Keep her fed, entertained and make her feel “safe”. Sometimes she will reward you.

Lastly, if you possess any kind of critical thinking ability, you’d realize that online dating self-selects for the most undesirable people. “Quality women” ( the extreme rarity that they are) aren’t online dating.