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I told you electric vehicles will become the norm and standard in 2022. The question is, though, who’s gonna buy these?

They’re actually pretty cool. I would 100% use an electric F-150 as a work truck, but I like to and have to drive 700 miles pretty regularly. So, for now, Ill just stick to my gasser.

Over the holidays when relatives had sportsball on the TV, I noticed that every other commercial break had EV (Electric vehicles) shill segments. They seem desperate for people to want them.

So, this is how I know. I pay attention!

I wouldn’t be surprised if they make gasoline ridiculously expensive; suddenly electric vehicles become appealing.

Electric vehicles are a fad. Once people realize the battery shits the bed like it does on their phones they will get over it. The purpose of these vehicles is to restrict our movement to short distances. It’s a dysotopian government transportation plan.

As I told you guys here, this is all a Communist, Perestroika/Great Reset plan to cripple the economies of the west.

The propaganda behind all of this is going Green, which suggests that we all abandon the use fossil fuels use electrical energy to power our homes, cities and vehicles, instead. The stupid thing about this is, we need fossil fuels in order to create electrical energy, anyway.

Electric vehicles will be limited to urban markets whilst combustion engines will reach their next “evolution” in eco performance. Electric vehicles taking over is about as authentic as Biden receiving 81,000,000 votes through the mail.

However, Communism isn’t about logic and reason, just like the female brain isn’t about logic and reason. It’s all about “the feels” and it will try and do everything possible to get its way and this is how disaster and deaths happen.

Electric vehicles are a waste of earth’s resources and are fundamentally unsustainable. It’s exactly similar to mining cryptocurries which aren’t fungible and create electrical waste. It’s fucking obvious, yet, somehow, they’ve managed to brainwash people into believing they’re more economical, consume less energy, and are less harmful to the environment than combustion engine powered cars.

Owning an EV is basically purchasing indulgences through the “church of the woke”.

We don’t have a choice, though, after Biden signed an EO that ties subsidies to a new rule that half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 are electric.

This has nothing to do with consumers driving the market. It has everything to do with the federal government forcing it through the threat of withholding subsidies by way of an executive order that bypasses the legislature. Owners of gas cars will be penalized!

Welcome to the Communist States of America.

(Doug just reviewed this monstrosity).