This is what they’re saying, okay? I’m just reporting what they’re saying.

Is the veil being lifted? This must mean that it’s working.

The Japanese have noticed that the “vaccines” multiply mortality in the young.

How do we explain this stuff to our, dumb, sheep-like countrymen?

Even cunts are reacting and venting on social media about it and they are incredibly fucking dumb.

At this point I am okay with the deaths. In fact those who are dying out should not be in the gene pool to begin with.

The momentum is now anti-vax, anti-mask, anti-quarantine. The airline companies managed to get Faucists to cut quarantine time in half — from 10 days to 5 days. Imagine that.

If you live in the “free states” of Florida and Texas you already know that the scamdemic is over…for now.

It is amazing that the retarded cattle need to be told this. If someone is sick, they’d probably stay home anyway, if it’s bad.

But, I guess it finally clicked for some people; that the OMICRON is really just the common cold.

Let’s just make up a “new” “super deadly” covid variant to cover for why only vaccinated are getting hospitalized by the “omicron” (common cold). Let’s do it, because the vaxxers are losing their immune systems to the point that a common cold could hospitalize them (AIDS). Let’s try to stop people from spreading the cold, because it’s dangerous to the vaxxers.

It’s all so obvious now.