The gynotopia has spoken! You dare not speak the truth. Truth is offensive to the gynocracy.

This beacon of hope and purveyor of truth said this:

…women exist to ‘satisfy men sexually and perform household chores’.

He’s since been arrested, shamed and his entire career, destroyed.

Nietzsche once said that when women are emancipated they’d become the most obnoxious things in existence. Boy did he understate it. They wreck every aspect of society they are a part of.

Women are children, but they do have agency, despite the fact that they (women) and certain men love to pretend they do not. Especially when it’s convenient.

This kind of shit is essentially what female values (The Feminine) is all about. I’ve been telling you guys this for a very long time now.

I mostly want the men who push this kind of shit to comprehend that they are very much complicit in destroying millions of lives when they support women and their retarded values.

It is the horny, retarded, desperate, mommy men who have aided the retards of our species — women — in ruining society and the male/ female dynamic that once worked. Now that women are allowed in public life, they are meting out their revenge fantasies against men who won’t put up with their shit. The violent, horny, simp men have made life miserable for all!

The Jack (Golman) Murphys of the world.