Today is the anniversary of the greatest attack on our democracy since the civil war.

People from 8chan tried to overthrow our democracy. They molested our podiums. They tried to sadistically gang-rape Sandy Cortez.

Dumb bitches everywhere had their lives threatened.

Women are retarded, so this kind of thing is to be expected from them, but this simply solidifies the fact that they ought not to be part of public life.

On January 6th, last year, we were inches away from a total takeover of America by QAnon white supremacists. If it was not for our brave men in uniform, thousands more would have died.

But we should remember those who did die.

Officer Ashley Babbitt was shot in the neck by QAnon supporter Ray Epps, a deranged lunatic from 8chan working directly for Alex Jones.

We must ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.

We have to secure our democracy, to protect the values of who we are.

The best way we can do that is this: get vaccinated.

If you’re already vaccinated, get your booster.

We can beat this folks.

Americans, united against Trump voters, can do anything, if we are united as a country.

We just have to remember who we are: and who we our is our values.

That’s democracy, and that’s what Donald Trump tried to take from us.

The vaccine stops the virus, but it will only work if everyone gets it, and if we take a stand in defense of the border integrity of the Ukraine.

On a serious note, the Communists are using this to further legitimize their hatred and persecution of White Americans and Trump supporters. Let’s look at the vaginafaced gutter scum, Ted Cruz, for example.

Ted Cruz just referred to January 6 as “a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol.”

These people are all just utter gutter scum.

Ted Cruz is worse than Nancy Pelosi. At least Nancy is honest. More honest than Ted.

He praised the scumbag ZOGbot terrorist cops.

This is insane.

People have to not vote. Don’t vote anymore. Voting is senseless and serves to legitimize the role of government, when the only role of government is violence, theft and rape. We need a boycott the vote movement. We know there is no one to vote for, and we know that they rig it anyway.

So why are people voting?

If you boycott the vote, you have an argument that the government is illegitimate. If you go out and vote for Ted Cruz, because he’s supposedly better than some other asshole, then you are endorsing the claim that January 6 was a “violent terrorist attack.”

Stop voting.