As I’ve mentioned several times before, only Masculinity can destroy Communism — Feminine values.

Well, Kazakstan is rebelling and masculinity is taking back its rightful place, or so it seems.

Here’s what’s really going on.

Breaking news coming through:

Vaccines are safe and effective and offer complete protection from the Omicron virus.

Trans women are women.

The behavior of black people is the result of white racism.

A woman can do anything a man can do – better.

The US has no involvement in the color revolution in Kazakhstan.

Stay tuned for more accurate facts from the Jews.

Yeah, actually, I’m not even aware of Russia having stated the obvious.

Or we have a kind of “guilty flee when none pursue” type scenario.

I mean, a Russian satellite all of a sudden having a violent revolution against a pro-Russian government can be attributed to CIA and State Department meddling in the same way that someone pissing in your face can be attributed to urine coming out of their penis.

The fact that we don’t yet have video of revolutionary leaders meeting at the US embassy, as we did with the Ukraine and Hong Kong, doesn’t change the self-evident nature of these events.

The Kazakh president did come out and state the obvious.

However, late on Wednesday, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev asked the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) for help in stabilizing the situation, saying that “foreign-trained terrorists” were overrunning strategic facilities. His government declared a nationwide state of emergency.

But even that statement didn’t blame the US government.

In terms of “foreign-trained terrorists” – despite the fact that Assad is still in power, the war in Syria remains a big success, as it was just a massive training field for the CIA to prepare their operatives for this sort of thing.

Unlike the Ukraine (and unlike Hong Kong), the president of Kazakhstan does appear to be taking the situation seriously.

Of course, the CIA guys also have guns.

Someone is delivering them in unmarked vehicles.

Who would do something like that???

(For those who don’t know, Kazakhstan is a nominally Moslem country with a large Russian diaspora. It’s not really a very stable state, socially. Economically, it’s not a terrible mess. Or it wasn’t before the Great Reset started.)

So, you know, you’re basically seeing the beginning of a civil war.

Using state violence can also inevitably lead to people who were previously neutral joining the “opposition.” Though that can only work if the CIA is allowed to play their little social media game. If the internet is really shut off, then this is just about putting out a fire, hopefully.

“Normal” citizens are marching against… gas prices and a collapsing economy. The government has resigned.

And of course, they’re looting.

Unsurprisingly, NATO and the usual Neocon Jews are egging this on and spamming how good it is that another country is being freed from the evils of non-democracy.

Even less surprising is that Jack Posobiec is shilling it.

Never forget that Posobiec, Mike Cernovich, Paul Watson, and many other of these “anti-SJW” shills went into total apeshit mode supporting the CIA riots in Hong Kong. They are literal shills, who do nothing but make basic commentary on social issues in America, while supporting every globalist and neocon foreign policy agenda.

So, no. This isn’t masculinity taking back its rightful place. This is a usurpation of male energy by Jewish American Neocon Warhawks.

What is going on in Kazakhstan is the American Jews pivoting against/between Russia and China. They are going to uproot the government and replace it with a patsy leadership, all in the name of “democracy” — the biggest political scam.

It is s big fakeout.

The Big Fakeout?

Acting like you were going to start a war in the Ukraine and then starting a war in Kazakstan would be the smartest thing NATO has done in years. They can just go ahead and invade Crimea too while Russia is distracted.

Kazakstan is in a lot of ways more useful than Ukraine. The Ukraine thing is about stealing Russia’s port, firstly.

But look at Kazakstan on a map:

Control of that territory would allow NATO to run money and weapons directly to the terrorists in Xinjiang.

Furthermore, huge amounts of Russian stuff comes from Kazakhstan. I think it’s like, most of their meat. Probably a lot of other things.

I don’t have any idea why it isn’t obvious to these countries that they have to create patriotic youth brigades who believe in the superiority of their nation, and reject Westernism, if they want to have any hope of protecting their countries from these types of revolutions.

The only country that does that is China. Kazakstan, like every other Russian satellite, allows their youth to be raised on American Jew media and terrorist “democracy” internet propaganda.

Ideally, Russia keeps its troops at the Ukraine border, and China deals with this Kazakh situation.

But no one ever takes my advice, because “economies are complicated, bro.”

Economies are very complicated, but your economy isn’t going to mean anything to you when Jews overthrow your government.

Furthermore – the global economy is collapsing anyway, as a result of the virus hoax, and the only country that is really even partially insulated from that is China.

The CIA is literally using the fact that the US government destroyed the economy as a reason to incite riots and overthrow an enemy state.

They got the war they always wanted to bail them out of the upcoming economic collapse.

2022 just started, boys!