Yesterday, I wrote a low effort joke post that was not funny (on purpose) regarding the anniversary of the 1/6 massacre by MAGA revolutionaries.

I’m just so tired of talking about it. Between the initial work that I did on the topic (before it was even over, I said it was Charlottesville 2 – a fed setup), the work that Revolver.News has done, the Tucker Carlson documentary, among the works of many others, we know that this entire thing was a staged hoax designed to kick start a narrative.

Just like with Charlottesville, they talked about “all the people who died.” They did this, because in their plan, people were supposed to die. With Charlottesville, a morbidly obese woman had a heart attack after a guy who was being chased by Antifa crashed his car. With 1/6, they invented a total fantasy story about a cop being beaten to death with a fire extinguisher.

The narratives were written before the events, because they were planned events.

With 1/6, it looks like they actually had the Oath Keepers – a fed-run group of boomer morons – planning to kidnap Nancy Pelosi. Nothing really went according to plan, other than that some windows got broken, and after the police were ordered to open the doors and wave people in, crowds of people went into the Capitol and mulled around a bit before leaving.

The event was set up to justify a domestic “war on terror,” to paint anyone outside of the Democrat Party as an enemy of the state, and of course to completely bury the issue of election fraud and sideline and censor Donald Goldstein.

The whole thing is just so stupid, it makes me sick, but that’s like anything today, isn’t it? These same people are telling us that through some metaphysical process – which has never been explained or really even outlined – boys and girls are born in the wrong bodies, and the solution to this inexplicable metaphysical conundrum is to inject them with hormones and mutilate their genitals. Everything about modern society is ridiculous and exhausting, and yesterday, I didn’t have it in me to do a “truth about January 6” recap.

It’s good that Marjorie Taylor Greene (whom I do not trust, nor care for) and Matt Gaetz did have the energy though. They held a press event and called what the media has universally labeled an “insurrection” a “fedsurrection.”

Greene and Gaetz played the infamous videos of the miraculously un-indicted Ray Epps inciting violence, and literally demanding that the Capitol be stormed.

“[FBI Director Christopher] Wray was asked under oath before the Congress about the federal assets and agents that were on the ground on January 6th, and he wouldn’t provide clear answers,” Gaetz said.

It’s worth noting that while Greene and Gaetz are out there trying to inject a little bit of reality into the situation, Ted Cruz, who is considered “right wing” by the Jewish media, is out there calling the 1/6 event “a terrorist attack.”

What a pussy-faced faggot and the entire segment is all production and performance, by Tucker, to allow this pedophile looking bastard to dig himself out of the hole he put himself in.

Ted Cruz is a much worse enemy to you than Joe Biden or any of his cronies will ever be, and Greene and Gaetz are only in the government by “accident” — actors placed to keep fanning the flames of division.

All of the Republicans are completely worthless, because Jewish money controls the primaries, and ensures that no one of any consequence ever has a chance to be elected to national office.

This is why I’ve called for people to stop voting in these elections. Vote in your local elections, but don’t go vote for some Cruz-like shill just because he is in theory somehow better than his Democrat opponent.