Everyone is clueless about what’s going on in Kazakhstan. Most people are going, “Yeah! Stick it to the man! No masks, no jabs!”

Wait a minute. This has nothing do with the covid hoax.

Guess what? It has nothing to do with disgruntled citizens, fed up with their leadership. This is what the globohomo Jews want everyone to believe – “they’re standing up for “democracy”‘.

Get the fuck outta here with that fucking bullshit!

Abbreviated: GTFOHWTFBS!

There are no broadcasts, no twitter feeds to feed the propaganda warmachine. Western media is shit-scared to even be around, because of the “New Cold War” that is fomenting.

The whole thing is about “opposition” civilians triggered and fired up by Jewish American, western agencies, strategically delaying any Russian advancement into Ukraine.

Nothing more!

Most people are useful idiots and the template for this operation is well established. It was a CIA led Color Revolution by the numbers. The normies are only battering rams to pad the numbers and help the core (((activists))) and comp’d politicians, do all the actual work.

This whole thing was probably architected by the CIA as an attack against the ex-president Nursultan Nazarbayev, who had a massive influence in the political life of Kazakhstan since he was president for almost 30 years and only left office in 2019 after protests.

After leaving office, he still held a government position and supposedly had a bunch of influence over the Kazakhstan government.

Nazarbayev still held political position, had a city named after him and had a bunch of statues of himself around the country that kinda gave the impression he was still in charge.

These protests in 2022, started, because of a lift in the cap of gas prices, but they soon became very political—Nursultan Nazarbayev was clearly the focal point of the political outrage. A rich oil country that has ties to Russian Oil companies, such as Gazprom, where oil and gas prices doubled, tripled and quadrupled in price, is a great strategem to enrage the populace of a nation.

(China receives significant amounts of oil from the region, but Exon and Chevron are the guys actually providing the tech. Russians won’t tolerate this disruption in Kazakhstan, for long. Expect a supply disruption for China.

This hurts both China and Russia in the short term, or possibly in the long term, then, without a doubt, eventually hurt U.S. businesses).

Statues of the former leader were destroyed, also his former palace and house. Nazarbayev stepped down from his position in the government, there is also rumours about him being dead, or having fled the country, but what is obvious is that his influence has finally slipped and it seems that the Nursultan Nazarbayev era is over in Kazakhstan. Just in time to stymie Russia’s advancements into Ukraine.

Now, who benefits from this? Well for one, obviously the new, would be leader of the country: Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev, one of the gayest looking dudes I have ever seen, since Jack “Goldman” Murphy.

He was the president at the time of the protests and it seems that he will keep being the president at the end of it. So, without the shadow of the previous president, it seems that this guy clearly gained a shit load of power, since he is no longer a puppet (at least not a puppet of Nazarbayev).

Now, did this guy pull it alone?


This has the articulation of foreign powers written all over it!

To make this simple to understand, just resort to the old “how to spot a psyop” handbook. You know this op. Whatever side the media tells you to support, is the side you shouldnt support and be most skeptical of.

Here’s some other interesting shit about all of this:

Now, I’m certainly not suggesting that these kinds of incidents couldn’t happen organically. It’s just that this has JewSA written all over it.

In the readout, Ned Price mentions restoring internet coverage in Kazakhstan more than once, so it is clearly part of Blinken’s talking points. It’s kind of funny in light of reports of protesters targeting the news stations.

It is time we wake the fuck up! All of us!

All of the EU and the US have been fighting to block Nord Stream 2, because they have been trying (and failing spectacularly) to get the Southern Gas Corridor off the ground for the past decade.

The problem is that they haven’t been able to get the pipeline built out across the Caspian Sea, from Azerbaijan, despite NATO having been carpet bombing the whole region for two decades.

The Southern Gas Corridor is too expensive and not capable of transporting sufficient volume to supply Europe, thereby establishing a viable market competitor to Russia in the supply of natural gas.

Meanwhile, Russia has been steadily lowering the pressure in the pipelines going through Ukraine in anticipation of Nord Stream 2’s certification and because of Ukraine’s inability, over the past decade and a half, to reliably maintain the infrastructure and its tendency to steal fucking gas from the lines.

This whole fucked up situation is literally a consequence of the west being wholeheartedly convinced that Russia is an existential threat by virtue of its non-alignment with western globohomo, even though they very much are, in a less obvious way. They are fighting an asinine economic battle for ideological reasons and diverting the consequences onto consumers despite having no substantial economic threat to bear against Russia, because Russia can just sell her gas to China until we all freeze and starve. All of this, despite the fact that Russia has spent millions on spreading anti-fracking propaganda, here in the west.

Victoria Nuland was right about one thing: Fuck the EU. It’s called Foreign Direct Investment. It’s literally the base economic philosophy of the European Union.

Resource Capitalization is NOT a conspiracy and Balkan factories are manufacturing on behalf of German and Chinese companies.

Germany has been spearheading it for decades; it’s an European initiated project.
Which is why it’s so retarded how they keep spinning the dreidel when it comes to certification.

Now, here’s the consolidated party line coming out of Washington.

I’d encourage people to read the whole thing. Obviously the press is hoping to make it into an anti-Russian issue and in at least one case, about liberating people from legacy corruption.

However, it’s also possible to read the response from the State Dept. as a power play towards the Russians.

This shit is going to hurt us all.