We know that the covid hoax has a lot of people behaving extremely bizarre, but it would only be women who could do the bat shit crazy stuff, because they’re just fucking retarded.

Then there’s this Chinese Russian genius bitch.

How insane do you have to be to put your kid in the trunk?

This is the scary part about this scamdemic. There are a shit-ton of crazy retards and mentally ill people that will take this shit and warp it into all sorts of strange ways that you and I couldn’t imagine, but the level of stupid that women are is almost impossible to communicate in any human language.

You don’t believe me?


Check this out!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, because the same thoughts came to my head when I read that. The easiest way to handle the questions and thoughts that flood your mind after reading a thing like this is to simply remind yourself that women are fucking retarded!

Then, move on!

This is worse than the time that woman stuffed bags full of gas in her trunk.

I can’t help, but laugh at all of this. It is just too much.

But, then there’s this.

It is without a doubt that women are retards, but I’m feeling a little demoralized lately. The future is looking bleaker and bleaker as the days go by. Never before in my entire life, have I witnessed the kind of absurdity and insanity that I have witnessed over the past 2 years.

This whole covid hoax thing has blackpilled me on normies and women more than ever and I can’t look at them the same ever again.