This stupid cunt needs to shut the fuck up!

Women are so fucking stupid, it is enraging. TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN FUCKING KIDS! TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND TEACH YOUR KIDS YOURSELF! You dumb, lazy pieces of shit. Instead, these cunts would rather let the state babysit and teach their kids and when the state does shit like this they want to complain and get involved in selective, recreational outrage, all to hear the rest of the dumb cunts go, “woo!!!”, “woo hoo!” as if they’re at a music concert, or a night club.

What is it with women and doing that shit? “Wooooooo!!!!” Women are so fucking dumb.

This bitch looks like feral “vaccinated” roadkill, to use her own misspoken words. She is nutty and unstable as fuck. She has the mannerisms of a Parkinson’s sufferer, but it isn’t Parkinson’s. She’s just a woman who thinks she’s the victim of everything!

This occurred at a NHCS BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING. I don’t care, nor do I give a shit about what women have to say. I could care less for their opinions. We need to stop listening to these dumb whores and start calling them out. They create problems then cry about the problems they’ve created.

All at the expense of entire societies.

All of this is very, very easy to solve; it simply requires women going back in their cages where they belong. This means women need to be beaten in order to save society.