Women are the worst things man has wrought upon himself. Nothing is safe from the destructive nature of women. Not even space.

Why did this crazy bitch try to destroy the International Space Station?

I checked multiple sources and the stupid cunt couldn’t even drill a proper hole. She drilled into one of the support ribs of the station which was hollow, which luckily prevented the bit from piercing the hull.

Naturally, many people who share an unfounded affinity towards women would say that it sounds like she’s a mentally ill woman who was mad at her fellow cosmonauts. Yet, they’d be partially incorrect, because being a woman is a mental illness.

The male cosmonauts weren’t giving her the prerequisite attention she was promised before she left for space.

I mean, this is what happens when we allow women to be involved in ANYTHING, at all. After multiple thousands of years of human evolution, men, of literally every single walk of life, found that the best place for women was inside the home. Preferably, cleaning, cooking and preparing meals.

But noooo. Some simping, mangina, idiot faggots thought it a good idea to let these cunts out of the house and allow them to participate in public life.

Yes, yes yes, it was primarily Jews who pushed the Women’s Lib bullshit, but the decision was still men’s. White, Mangina, effeminate, faggot men who subscribed to feminine values.

Now the world and everything fun about it have been laid to waste in the wake of women being allowed free roam in society.

Anything you can think of that involves women is a dismal shadow of its former self.

Here’s a short list of things women destroyed:

  • Comedy
  • Television
  • Movies
  • Video games
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Gyms
  • The Internet
  • Dating
  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Home
  • Kids
  • Kid’s entertainment
  • Sports
  • The Workplace
  • Science

… and now Space!

Even though I find all of this mildly hilarious, I’m not joking when I say: women destroy everything in their paths. They create problems for everyone and everything! You don’t need to get philosophical about any of this; it is just a plain fact of human existence.

Now, I couldn’t fathom what the fuck was going on in the minds of the men who thought it a good idea to let women out into society, so you can imagine the activity in my head when I saw them put women in space.

Okay, so let’s get into what happened here with this cunt.

So, I heard from a few people in Korolyev (Russian Houston) a very unusual and unverified story that fits perfectly with this episode of American gender disorder. The following is what was told to me as to what happened up there in space with this cunt:

Aboard the ISS are an American, a Russian and common area compartments, separated but interconnected. (The Russian segment is the docked spacecraft). There are four astronauts in the Western sector and two cosmonauts in the Russian sector. Among the Westerners, there is this one woman.

Even though astronauts are all checked and prepped before any space walk, still, in space they can run into uncharted territory. The story from Korolyev that was told to me personally was that this woman objected to the bathroom (toilet) arrangements. She thought it demeaning for her as a woman — demeaning for any woman — and sought to readjust the equipment to fit her requirements.

The men complained about the dumb bitch among themselves, but in a very short space of time, the toilet in the Western segment was broken beyond repair. Nothing is simple in space. Not even taking a shit. Then add a woman and all hell breaks loose.

Now, these men — ex-Navy and ex-Airforce Commanders — were reduced to using diapers on a daily basis for the continuation of their mission. It is not only unpleasant to have to use diapers in a space walk, but the ISS has no disposal mechanism for stinking diapers. So, naturally, the Western sector began to stink awfully.

It wasn’t long until the male astronauts got really upset with the cunt and her bullshit, so they complained, “Houston! We’ve got a problem!”

NASA had two objections to their request: diversity and female equality had to be maintained, at all costs and the second objection was, money.

Now, the Russians have the means and technology to take their cosmonauts to the space station and back home. Despite the USA having claimed to have gone to the moon many decades ago (we did not) they still have no working shuttle to carry American cosmonauts to and fro.

Americans have to pay a hefty sum to the Russians for each space walk and the evacuation of the virago would punch a hole NASA’s budget, bigger and more painful that the hole the cunt put in the ISS. That’s why Houston replied breezily, This is your problem, guys! Try to get along with her!”

The Russian space toilets and showers worked just fine and the Americans, at first, were permitted to use them. However, after a quarrel involving the stupid cunt (we would think it natural that people forced to live in close quarters are likely to argue) the Russians objected and barred the Western astronauts from the Soyuz.

The woman’s behavior worsened and the stench of floating excrement made her even more miserable and vicious. She was not alone in all of this, but she certainly thought she was, even though she caused the mess.

Eventually her companions decided to implement a smart plan. When the Russians would go out for scheduled work, the Americans would make their way to the Russian module and drill a hole. Sealing it with the sealant and covering it with decorative fabric.

It was a creative, yet daring idea. It worked! The sealant held on for a while and didn’t burst immediately. The pressure in the station is quite low — only one atmosphere — so, the hole didn’t present a mortal danger for the teams. If and when the leak were to be found, it would be possible to insist on an emergency evacuation of the crew, thus, getting rid of the troublesome virago and extricating themselves from the stinky hell while blaming the goofy Russians for the failure. The best part of it: the hole is in the section of the Soyuz capsule that is jettisoned during its return to Earth, thus eliminating all evidence of foul game.

True story!