Remember Jeff Bezos recently coming out and saying that he is going to ban humans from living on earth?

That’s the richest man on earth.

Here’s something funny – you just saw that headline a couple of weeks ago, but he said this in 2016 – here’s an article about it on the World Economic Forum website.

Here’s a graphic from that 2016 WEF article:

If you want to go deeper into just how deep they are going , go check out the interactive “strategic intelligence” WEF page on “space.”

These people have published hundreds of thousands, if not millions of words on how they are going to govern space colonies.

Again, all of the most powerful people in the world attend these meetings, and no one ever criticizes them. No one comes out and says, “these people are actual kooks.”

Again, there is no theory here. They publish this material themselves, publicly, because they know you’re not going to go read it, because it is complicated, convoluted, confusing, and written in completely nonstandard language and they know that when I tell you about it, you’re going to call me a theorist.

The most powerful people on earth are planning to diminish the human population in order to assist a Malthusian trap. They also want to usher in full on automation and Transhumanist existence for those they deem worthy of survival — those they can easily control. They are very much interested in reducing the human population and replacing human capital with robots. Human work horses and cattle will no longer be of any use and useless eaters will no longer be carried and sustained.

They are trying to build a space empire, and in order to do that, they see a need to drastically restructure current human society, and they are using the coronavirus hoax and then the global warming hoax as a way to do that needed restructuring in preparation for their space empire.

If that sounds stupid and/or insane – well, yes? I mean, it sounds that way to me. I’m just telling you that this is not a theory, these are not claims that I am making, you can go look at it all for yourself with the sources that I have provided you with.

(I will write an article on automation — why it is a necessary good and why how and why it is NOT).

Stop embracing childish delusions about how it might all go back to normal. It isn’t ever going back to normal. No matter what happens, “going back to normal” is not an option.

These are the options:

1. The Great Reset agenda works, and a New World Order global system of total technological tyranny emerges

2. They try to implement the agenda and it fails, creating mass chaos

That’s all.

There’s no voting option, there’s no “fighting back,” there’s no anything other than those two options.

I promise you that. I’ve done the math.

I can also promise you that option number two is what is going to happen. It’s basic psychohistory. These people running things are decadent, deranged, delusional, and in fact largely incompetent. The problem is, they have total power over virtually everything on earth.

They tend to book the frog too quickly.

So, when they try to do this, as they are in the middle of doing right now and it fails, the fallout is going to be very large.

This is why I keep telling you to move out of the cities, get involved in a rural community where people take care of each other and where you can take care of yourself. That is the only thing you can do.

Don’t join a group and go on a march. Don’t get involved in some 2024 presidential campaign. Don’t engage in any of these dumb fantasies about “fighting back.”

The course of future history is now set in stone, but your individual life is not. You have free will. You can decide how to deal with this on a personal level.

The center of this country is virtually empty.

You can go live a good life, if you want. No one is stopping you, (yet). There will be struggles, as there are always struggles, but you have the option of walking out of this urban jungle and going free.