Here’s what going on with why the lamestream media appears to be turning the corner on the covid hoax, thereby vindicating everything we have been saying, all along. This has nothing to do with them “waking up to the truth”, or the “narrative collapsing”. It is simply because the lamestream media is totally dying!

Yeah, these fucks are losing viewership and their grip on being able to scare us into submission. Their shapeshifting makes sense, now? They need to reinstate the public trust in their bullshit.

I couldn’t care less what they do, to be honest. They all need to die, but we should expect the media to play up our narratives and perspectives. All in all, nothing has essentially changed.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a big “happening” where they begin to claim that the deadly OMICRON is once again rampaging the entire planet.