They seem to be backpedaling on the scamdemic.

When I see shit like this, I get fucking terrified, because I start thinking about what kind of shit they’re coming with, next.

The big OSHA mandate was finally decided to be illegal by the Supreme Court on Thursday.

It took them long enough. Of course, most Americans complied with it and took their clot shots while the SCOTUS was deliberating, so, none of this actually means much.

There is a shift on the mainstream narrative and something is changing. At a glance, this seems to be the case – they may have boiled the frog too quickly, but I’m almost certain everything is going according to plan.

All of it is performative and deliberating over it means nothing. As a matter of fact, the position of the “anti-vaxxers” is no different to the “pro-vaxxers” — both positions legitimize and fuels the psyop — which is to create mass hysteria, division and conflict.

NO ONE can definitively tell you what the real intended purpose of the “vaccine” (experimental gene therapy)(it is not a vaccine) is. They/We can only speculate, at best, based on the preponderance of the stated agenda of the elites. NOT evidence. The only evidence happens to be what these sinister elite fucks are saying, have said and have been planning (again, based on their own words) all along. There is no smoking gun that the “elixir” is actually a “death-vax” — that it is actually CAUSING A, B, OR C, or, that it is CAUSING, A, B AND C. What we can do, is assume and postulate. Nothing more.

How we assume and postulate can be rationally or irrationally and, of late, it has been purely irrational. How? Well, just because A happens, then B happens, does not mean A is the cause of B. Two things happening at the same time doesn’t mean that one is the cause of the other. Correlation is NOT Causation. Furthermore, what many have been irrationally doing is assuming correlation and assuming causation. For instance, based on the fact that these “vaccines” are being heavily pushed by the powers that be with absolutely no liability on part of the pharmaceutical companies, and that the entire planet is being forced to take the jab, we know that there is something fishy. So, many have taken this rational and justifiable hunch and ran with it, irresponsibly and irrationally creating dots to be connected (not actually connecting dots), thereby, mass producing hysteria with no proven basis . Their “rationale”, or lack thereof, goes like this: they are forcing us, therefore they must be doing this to accomplish A, and/or B, and/or C — they want to depopulate, they want to track us, hijack our obedience, and/or all of the above.

Here’s the problem with this and it is a serious one; on one side, there is supposedly a deadly communicable virus that is killing people, if not just making them sick. Now, one of the two well-known constants of life, you guessed it, is death!

People die and they die all the time!

They do so for myriad of reasons.

This is how these fucks — politicians and the media — have been able to successfully convince majority of the Earth’s population that there is a doom-virus. Here we see the irrationality of people being weaponized by politicians and the media — A (death) happens (all the time), then V (the supposed virus) happens; therefore V is the cause of A despite the fact that A is a constant of L (life).

As I’ve said many times, “there is no virus. There is only “the virus!” which has many people behaving like retards”. In addition, all of this is merely the flu rebranded. People being gullible and irrational has highlighted that there is no need for there to be an actual virus.

We all know that the CDC and many other cooperating agencies have falsified the death records in 2020, 2021 and still do — labeling deaths from and by other diseases as a result of the covid hoax.

We also know that the covid hoax is as deadly as, if not less deadlier, than the flu and just like the flu, there are many strains and “variants”.

Those who refuse to take the experimental elixir (v) are doing so, because, as they claim, the elixir is causing A (death). They have simply substituted V (“the virus!”) for v (the elixir). When the people (commonly known as “the anti-vaxxers”) promote all of these “anti-vaxxer” sentiments and use the buzzwords they do — suggesting without smoking-gun evidence that the elixir causes death, therefore the agenda is to depopulate the Earth — they are unwittingly partaking in controlled opposition: being useful idiots by substituting one boogeyman for another. They are essentially removing foci from the most important element — FREEDOM!

Freedom is what all of this is about and nothing else matters, nor should matter. Whether or not people are dying because of the elixir is only significant providing there is sufficient, tangible proof to support the claim. There has to be a smoking gun and so far, the media and the entire medical community has been hijacked. They cannot be trusted to provide the medical and scientific proofs to support such a claim. In addition, the narratives surrounding this hoax are in constant flux. Therefore, we should not be focusing on the narratives that they have spun and have expected us to spin ourselves. They have already awarded us the label of “conspiracy theorist”, and they have seen to it that “The Science” will never support us, in any mainstream way.

Now, it may be the case that the “vaccines” are indeed causing deaths and/or severe side effects, but we cannot, with absolution and certitude conclude that they are, and there’s no need to as mentioned earlier. There is as much scientific proof, at this time, that these deaths are as a result of the jab as there is that it is something in the water causing deaths.

As I’ve said here in this article: the mere fact that this shit is being forced is enough reason to resist. As long as there is force and coercion, I’m not taking a fucking thing! This is a violation of my freedom and I don’t need to listen to any female nurse, doctor or women in general (women are dominating the anti narrative; that alone should tell us something) telling me “what’s in it” and “so many women are being affected”. All these women have done is make claims that will not be allowed substantiation, thereby relegating them and their followers “conspiracy theorists”, who are responsible for others not taking the jab and will eventually be scapegoated as the cause for legislation to force others to take the jab. Essentially, playing the major role in taking away our freedoms. “How women are affected” has generally been the impetus for legislation to take away our freedoms and I see nothing good coming out of women fore-fronting the resistance. Besides, everything women touch and get into turns to shit and backfires, without fail.

(People are emotionally moved by emotional women. It’s part of our basic underlying evolutionary biology. So, if you’re interested in shilling for women by pushing the “how are women affected” bullshit and still dealing with people who are confused about this vaccine, send it to them).


More Censorship

This is what it is about and nothing more. This is what you should be discussing and nothing else. This should be your main reason for resistance.

Women DO NOT understand freedom, nor how to promote it.

For those who will say, “there are many scientists and doctors who have come forward and offered their medical opinions, thereby substantiating the claims and legitimizing the fears of those who refuse to take the jab”, none of them are being taken seriously by the non-fringe of society and the rest of the medical community. This does not mean that they are wrong and are kooks; it just means that their narratives have been co-opted and weaponized by the other side, and what they contribute are no longer viable maneuvers in resisting the jab. Their efforts only serve to take us one step closer to losing our freedoms by arming the government with reasons to legislate mandatory jabs.