This has been the common theme of this covid hoax. All the rulers around the world get to do whatever the fuck they want, while our lives are destroyed.

Here take a look:

BoJo (Boris Johnson) may resign! At least, many of those in his cabinet are pushing for it. But why?

Well, this boarish, bog-trotting troll of a man, was caught partying it up in Downing Street while Britons were locked down, businesses, relationships, economies and lives were destroyed.

Summary: he is to face parliament for questioning amid revelations of covid restriction breaches in Downing Street (they were having parties in Downing Street while everyone else was forced into isolation and lockdowns.)

The police are now investigating these breaches and a government report is due to be released today.

Now, none of this is new as I’ve reported. Many such hypocritical behaviors over the past two years were commonplace.

Nancy Pelosi, the creature in Chicago, Lory Lightfoot, Gavin Newsome and many others engaged in covid hypocrisy. So, this is nothing new, yet BoJo’s transgressions seems to be getting a hell of a lot of attention and I suspect there is something else brewing.

What’s brewing? I couldn’t tell you, but BoJo the clown was caught breaking the rules, then all of a sudden, decides to dispense with all the mandates and push for the vax and so on.

This was quite alarming and unusual and I can’t quite put my finger on the pulse. I do know that something is amiss; it may be related to Ukraine and Russia, it may be due to the global economic and supply chain shortage and collapse, or, it may be a direct roll of the dice by the WEF.

I DO NOT KNOW, but rest assured, that all of this is performative and going according to plan. The Global Communist plan.