Goddamnit! That’s how you do it, leafs!

Honk the fuck out of Trudeau!

So, how do they pay these truckers?

Imagine being a trucker, joining this ridiculous spectacle; to whom do you say, “pay for my expenses while I don’t work!”

No novelist who painted a dysotopian future of the world could have predicted that people would be this fucking stupid and retarded.

This will result in nothing, except one person dead from the honking. Everybody involved will end up in prison and all whites will end up on terror watch lists. More will die until their demands are met. HOOOOOOOOOOOONK!!!!!!!!

As a matter of fact, much of this psyop is being rolled out in the legacy media and social media platforms, where participants are being feminized and portrayed as radicals, terrorists, racists and “fringe”. Instead, they should be viewed as cringe.

What is the point of parking your trucks for 4 years? Has anyone told them that their plan is incredibly stupid?

No. I don’t expect this to happen at all. The psyop underway here is to create more division to justify more incoming crazy shit by the government.

Why aren’t Leftist Communists supporting the truckers? It’s a group of working class proletariat revolting against the Capitalist, Neoliberal state. Isn’t this what they want?

I guess, support generally has to be mutual.

| FUCK TRUDEAU ||l “”|””\__,_

Full Spectrum Domination is achieved by:

Controlled Opposition
Financial incentive
Blackmail & Bribery
Compartmentalization (inter-departmental cooperation/collaboration is not allowed)
False Flags & Disinfo campaigns

All aspects of the narration must be parroted and any outliers must be disqualified, cancelled and ostracized as “crazy conspiracy theorists”.

Unless they’re truly fucking retarded, like most of the west is.