Here’s the truth about all of this: it is a big NOTHING and will amount to zero. Why? Simply because this is just how feminized Western society behaves to literally everything and everything feminine, results in retarded outcomes.

As I predicted, the feminine bullshit that was done in Australia and France, has made its way to Canada.

See for yourselves, then I’ll remind you about how feminine (dumb) all of this is:

This is dumb faggot shit. Western men are so emasculated and retarded, like the women who made them this way, that they think getting together and honking car horns is going to create “change”. How fucking dumb are Westerners, man?

I told you guys before: anytime women are involved, your efforts and ventures are always going to end up being dumb, stupid, milquetoast shit.

I said this here, here, here and here.

Remember, protests are nothing more than feminine recreational outrage — an opportunity for them to be themselves — dumb, mindless, mouthy cunts — resulting in absolutely nothing good, if any change at all.

All of this grants women and feminized men a moment to put themselves on display, while women (the fucking morons they are) scream “woo” and “woo hoo” like they are at a music concert, or a night club.

I’m not kidding, folks. This is the sum of western civilization — a feminized, emasculated cesspool, where emotional highs are sought after. Nothing more.

“Showing support” is as retarded as, “…a moment of silence”. They don’t do a fucking thing!

It is Feminine, moronic, boomer-tier bullshit. Selling Copium and stupidity. A lot of people believe that they’re affecting change — patriotic change — and turning the tide by engaging in this mindless stupidity. They cannot see the big picture; that none of this is going to change anything and it is only going to get worse, because crying “wooooo” and “woo hooooo” is retarded and accomplishes nothing!

Again, where did women get this thing where they have to go, “woo hoo” and “woooo”; howling like retarded banshees. It is so pathetic and ridiculous. Oh my God, women are retarded and the men who are involved in this nonsense, you can definitely expect to be soft, fagged, emasculated buffoons.

Can’t you guys see that this is merely an opportunity for these retards to emotionalize dumb shit as they do with most of everything; put it on social media and brag about “being there”, like fucking women!

“OMG! We were there and there were sooooo many people.”

“People running in the streets. Everyone’s excited”.

Queue the lovey dovey, sad and lonely, “hold my hand”, “Heal the World”, corny songs to induce the emotionalism. Using their kids to escalate the highs of “cuteness”.

Succinctly put, this is certainly not how you gain freedom. The elites and the powers that be want you to do this, because this kind of stuff is dumb and inconsequential.

There is no soundtrack to your life and there will be no soundtrack and cinematography when the time comes to really do something.

All of this will most certainly blow over and no change would have been affected other than fulfilling the empty, baseless emotional highs that all women run after — temporary dopamine rushes.

This is the essence and sum of White Culture — Feminine Values.

The most that’ll come of this is the politicians who deserve violence and death (exactly what the morons honking horns are not about), will legislate more draconian and restrictive laws.

Voting will not work, “peaceful protests” (feminine, faggot shit) will not work and getting a bunch of morons together to honk car horns certainly will not work.

I may have said this one too many times, but it is worth repeating:

Hope is Feminine. ACTION is Masculine.

Only masculinity can see us through and anything that comes from women can only foil our efforts.

Women do not belong in public life and everything they do will result in benign, inane bullshit and the more morons continue to ignore this reality, the more freedom gets away from our grasp.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all of it is Fed organized.

Dumb asses.