So, what’s been going on with the gay leaf-trucker bullshit? Here’s a brief update.

Basically, the same milquetoast, faggot shit we’ve seen in France, Australia and any other country that did this gay, feminized “peaceful protests”, where women were at the forefront.

Here’s the deal folks and you may not like me saying it, but you are tuned into the number one brand in honesty and it is honesty you will get.

People are so fucking stupid that they cannot see that all of this is a psyop to create chaos, division and fear.

Nothing is going to come of this moronic “trucker standoff” where morons are honking, believing and hoping that it’ll do something; that their rulers will ALLOW them to go back to the moronic, feminized, ridiculous hedonistic pleasures and existences they love so much. These retards’ hope is that they will get so sick and tired of honking cars and trucks, that they will give up all of their power and control. That’s how retarded all of this is. This wouldn’t be so dumb if women weren’t involved.

With women involved, it’ll always be a stupid, recreational outrage larp.

(I told you they would come with the Heal The World, We Are the World emotionalism nonsense).

This is no different to “senate hearings”, where retards (personality cult jackasses) believe just because their favorite personality gets up and yells at someone, that “change” will be affected. This nonsense is always followed up by, “woooooo” and “woo hoo”.

Wake up and understand that this feminized bullshit will yield absolutely NOTHING fruitful.

And that’s it folks. It’s merely media sanctioned sensationalism and this is what white western culture is all about — Feminized sensationalism and emotivism.

Someone, or some group, obviously received a permit to get this underway. Helicopters flying overhead with “Fuck Trudeau” banners over restricted airspace and no one questions it. Of course you are going to find the Q-tards jumping on the bandwagon, because this is white western culture — Feminized sensationalism — no different to the moronic, jackass nurses dancing during the lockdown.

Violence is the only answer that NOBODY wants to hear and it can only be achieved through masculinity.

As I’ve mentioned several times before, only Masculinity can defeat Communism and Communism is a feminine construct and all manner of feminine values have taken over the entire world, especially the west.

I hate having to repeat myself, but, to put things into perspective so people can easily comprehend – if these lying pieces of shit politicians are still alive to rebuke your actions and activities at the end of the week when you “protest”, YOU HAVE FAILED and you are a MORON!

If you think beseeching and supplicating like women for freedom is how this is done, then you are a complete moron.

Nonetheless, white Westerners will continue to put their children in front of cameras to mumble feel-good adlibs to stir up emotions, because they are feminized and demoralized.

This is going to spread outside of Canada, quickly. Not because of what you and other retards may think, but because the entire west and its culture is feminized. This will only bring worse conditions for all of us.

Notice the media did all of these smears.

Trudeau came out and said he’s not planning on sending in the military, yet. Eventually, there will be no other option.

Most people take Communism for a joke, or at least, they don’t comprehend the seriousness of the threat it poses to the entire planet and what these trained and schooled Communists such as Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern have planned.

There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when the military is unleashed on these retards.