So, what exactly is this “normal” you are all so eager to get back to?

Another day at the office? Your 60 hour work week? Is it your 2 hour daily commute? A measly 2, (or if you’re lucky 3 weeks) of vacation per year?

Is it the rampant consumerism, lack of sleep, and mild to severe alcoholism? Is it the hole inside of you that nothing will ever fill, no matter how much money, sex and booze you throw at it?

Maybe normal was never really a good thing to begin with. Ever thought of that?

Maybe I miss the lockdowns, because everyone I know had freed up schedules to actually go out and do things they wanted to do, like read, learn a new skill, finish that video game, or, discover a different perspective. Others simply cowered like imbeciles, indoors, terrified until a “vaccine” was ready.

Never again will an opportunity like this happen, because everyone has collectively decided that selling their souls is a more worthwhile way to spend what little time remains in their lives.

The entire point of the lockdown and “2 weeks to stop the spread” was psychological preparation for more tyranny, yet most people have failed that IQ test, miserably.

Scary fucking retards live among us. We literally share a planet with these mouth-breathing NPCs.

For most, that gaping hole of emptiness is easily filled with oxycodone, synthesizers and camping and the occasional, contrived opportunities to go, “woooooo!” and “woo hoo!”

What does any of this have to do with ending the scamdemic and medical apartheid?


Simply put, anyone who is pushing and fighting for “everything to go back to “normal”‘ is fucking braindead, because what they are actually hoping for is a chance to go back to decadent, hedonistic bullshit pleasures that keeps their heads in the sand. Mindless, self-indulgent, empty, morbid bullshit.

Ending this covid hoax should be about defeating Communism (Female Values), once and for all. That means Jewish supremacy, dominance and control.

Any references to “normal” should mean putting women back in their places, where they belong — out of public and public life. After all, all of that shit still exists right now in the “new normal”.

Depression, breakups and overdoses are massively UP because of the “Great Reset” agenda, not down. School/mass shootings will go UP in the future, because Feminine values are literally torturing and dehumanizing kids.

Literally forcing everyone to wear an ineffective mask to “protect” themselves against a virus with a 99.7% survival rate is the essence of The Feminine — Stupidity.

Being locked out of restaurants, because one has to show proof of “vaccination” against a virus with a 99.7% survival rate, is prioritizing the illusion of safety over logic and reason — feelz over facts.

So, by “normal” do you mean, less of all of the shit that’s going on, because as I’ve mentioned earlier, nothing much has changed. The very same substrates and cultural essence have only worsened.

Fundamentally, nothing has essentially changed. It has only worsened, or, has only entered into the phase it was supposed to.

Everything before the plandemic hoax wasn’t even in the same zip code as normal, either. So, don’t fool yourselves.

In other words, everything that is happening isn’t a “new normal”, but the trajectory that poor actions, inactions, decisions and indecisions take on.

From here on out, things are going to worsen. Get used to it, like you’ve gotten used to all the other abnormal shit.